The MSU Texas Return to Campus Plan is for you.

We know that students are anxious to return to the classroom and to be back among their friends and classmates. For first-year students, going to college, meeting new friends, and starting a new chapter in your life probably has you both very excited and a little bit nervous all at the same time. Your dream of earning a college degree is in front of you and MSU Texas looks forward to having you on our campus this fall so that you can pursue your passions. Our MSU Texas Return to Campus Plan outlines the steps we are taking to provide a safe and fun learning environment. When you arrive on campus this fall, you will find enhanced sanitization efforts, resources for health screenings, workplace and classroom wellness guidance, and social distancing protocols. All designed to protect you and those you love.

Our Plan to Return to Campus

Student Recreation

Recreational opportunities are a critical element of student wellness and the student experience. Our staff has rolled out new policies and procedures to allow for a safe experience when using the Redwine Student Wellness Center and all of its amenities.

Health, Safety & Sanitization

The health and safety of our student body is the number one priority for everyone involved in the MSU Texas community. You can rest assured that when you arrive on campus, you will be cared for.


Mustangs Dining has created a comprehensive plan designed to adjust service as needed to protect the health and safety of all dining guests.

Academic Instruction

MSU Texas will return to face-to-face academic instruction this fall for the majority of classes being offered. Modifications to course delivery and classroom guidance will foster a safe environment for students and faculty.

On-Campus Living

The on-campus living experience is a transformative part of the Mustangs experience. Physical safety and well-being remain priorities for our on-campus residents.

Campus Life

Connections to student activities, organizations, and leadership opportunities are important to the student experience at MSU Texas.