The Redwine Honors High School Academy (RHHSA) is a challenging three week academic program for outstanding high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year and will return to high school. The curriculum will include a shared theme between an English writing class and laboratory science course. This theme will explore the role of science and communication in the North Texas region and will be supplemented with off campus excursions.  Students will be chosen from Texas and the surrounding region. The academy will take place June 8-25, 2020. Upon successful completion of the Academy, students will:

  • receive seven hours of university credit.
  • recognition of completion of the academy on the student’s transcript
  • receive preferred consideration to the MSU Texas honors program as entering freshmen.

RHHSA offers students a chance to know and make friends with other enthusiastic, energetic students with high intellectual capacities. The interaction of students with different backgrounds is key to a successful transition from high school to college.

The Academy provides students, faculty and staff with an opportunity of discovery and to exchange ideas in a collegial atmosphere. Supportive faculty work closely with the students in classes, seminars, and extracurricular activities. Speakers, performers, films, interesting field trips, special events and recreational activities offer students an array of stimulating activities that provide fun and enjoyment, as well as learning opportunities.

Program Costs
  1. Field Trips and Excursions = Free
  2. Academy Application Fee = Free
  3. Tuition = $584.00
  4. Total = $584.00

The mission of the Redwine Honors High School Academy is to challenge, educate, and prepare students for college and beyond.

Academic Program

The Academy seeks to reward excellence, broaden horizons, and expand vision. Its academic program stresses the development of each student's critical thinking abilities, adaptability, creativity, and self-confidence. Additionally, the academy provides high achieving students the opportunity to complete dual credit courses taught as honors sections that can be applied to any college degree offered by public institutions in the state of Texas.


All students are enrolled in a laboratory science and a communication course. Both courses are state core curriculum courses and will count toward the degree plan of any major offered. These courses will share a common them and jointly explore this theme in their exploration of the intersection of science and communication. The theme will be based on the North Texas region and provide students with an opportunity to explore how their place influences the development of the world around them. Both courses will be taught by Honors faculty at MSU Texas that have extensive teaching experience and are some of the most dynamic and engaging faculty on campus.

The two courses offered this year are:

ENGL 1143 Academic Research and Writing

GEOS 1234 Historical Geology

Student Life

A rich, diverse range of recreational opportunities, cultural and artistic events, field experiences, distinguished speakers and classroom guests will enhance the academic curriculum. This intensive educational experience will be supplemented by hands on learning that will continue in the form of off campus excursions. During these experiences with engaging faculty students learn about themselves and others as they experience what it means to be part of a high achieving learning community. They develop meaningful friendships during their time in the Academy.

Application Requirements

All students applying for the Redwine Honors Academy should possess the following characteristics:

  • 3.5 cumulative GPA (on a 4-point scale)
  • 1200 SAT composite score (English and math) or 25 composite ACT score
  • Be at least 16 years old, prior to the beginning of the Academy
  • Meet Texas Success Initiative requirements
  • Provide proof of current Meningitis vaccination

May 15, 2020: Applications must be postmarked
May 29 2020: All applicants notified by mail

Academy Expectations

Since community building is central to a student’s experience in the Academy, there is an overriding philosophy of freedom coupled with responsibility that permeates student daily life. Law, safety and common concern for the total community govern the program’s few regulations.

  1. Willful behavior that is consistently abusive or demeaning to other members of the community, or that interferes with the academic or enrichment goals of the Academy, will not be tolerated.
  2. Drugs, including alcoholic beverages, are not allowed.
  3. Criminal behavior, such as deliberately pulling fire alarms, activating sprinklers, or bringing firearms to campus, is not tolerated.
  4. Willful behavior that is potentially harmful to the individual or community is prohibited.
  5. No open flames are allowed inside buildings (e.g., candles, incense burners, lighters, matches, etc.).

All of these regulations will be firmly enforced. A student will be dropped from the Academy and sent home for violation of any of these regulations. The student's school will be notified and no university credit will be awarded.

Attendance Requirements

Before applying, students and their parents or guardian should understand that students are expected to attend for the full three weeks of the Redwine Honors High School Academy. The Academy is built around an exciting, enthusiastic community of students who need continuity to grow intellectually, creatively, and personally.

Each student must sign a contract agreeing:

  1. To arrive on time and attend the courses;
  2. To participate fully in classes and the life of the community, including any off campus excursions.

Students who fail to meet these requirements will be in violation of their contract with the Redwine High School Honors Academy. They may be dropped from the Academy, their schools will be notified, and no university credit will be awarded. Individual exceptions for illness and family emergencies will, of course, be considered.

Students learning about fossil preservation at the Whiteside Natural History Museum
Students enjoy discussion with Honors faculty
Students enjoying a guest Lecture by President Shipley
Students enjoy close interaction with faculty
Students enjoy hands on excursion
Students enjoy hands on faculty instruction