Portals: The Intersection of Art and Computing


Art 1413: Art Appreciation

Instructor: Jason Bly

In Art Appreciation, students will examine visual literacy and the various systems involved in artworks by viewing imagery and learning technical approaches for 2d, 3d, and new media.  Through art history, connections will be formed between the fine arts and contemporary sources such as film, gaming, pop culture, advertising, and mass production.  The class will include a mix of lecture presentations and hands on studio projects.

CMPS 1023: Digital Culture

Instructor: Tina Johnson

Students will explore the history, current state, and cultural impact of the digital world. This course will prepare students to understand and relate to others in an increasingly online world and be productive members of a global digital society. Topics include history of computing from a global perspective, accessibility and the digital divide, computer security issues, evaluation of online materials, big data and the need for high performance computing, and an introduction to using productivity software and programming constructs to analyze and communicate these issues. 


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Jason Bly's Underweight
Jason Bly's Checks and Balances
Jason Bly's Levit Town