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Ann Smith

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    Bridwell Hall 320
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  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    Polyclinic Hospital School of Nursing, Harrisburg, PA Diploma in Nursing 1973
    USAF School of Health Care Sciences, Sheppard AFB, TX Certificate: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 1975
    University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI BS in Nursing 1980
    University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI MS in Nursing 1982
    Texas Women's University Ph.D in Nursing 1997
    Creighton University, Omaha, NE M.A. in Christian Spirituality 2002
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    Cook Children's Medical Center, Ft. Worth, TX Nurse Residency Coordinator/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Midwestern State University Associate Professor, Coordinator of Nurse Educator Graduate Program
    82nd Medical Group, Sheppard AFB, TX Commander, Maternal-Child Health Flight
    Sheppard AFB, TX Program Director/USAF Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program
    Wright Patterson USAF Medical Center, Dayton, OH Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Hickam USAF Clinic, Honolulu, HI Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,Coordinator, School Problems Clinic
    Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, San Antonio, TX Staff Nurse, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Harrisburg Polyclinic Medical Center Pediatric Staff Nurse