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Dr. Richard Redd

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  • Radiologic Sciences
    Adjunct Faculty

    Office Location
    Bridwell Hall 228
    Voice: (940) 397-4337
    Fax: (940) 397-4845
  •   Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    United States Military Academy BS
    University of Oregon Health Science Center MD
    Brooke Army Medical Center Internship
    Brooke Army Medical Center Residency
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    Lyster Army Hospital Flight Surgeon 1977 1978
    Ireland Army Hospital Assistant Chief of Radiology 1981 1983
    Brooke Army Medical Center Chief of Diagnostic Service 1983 1987
    Wichita Falls General and Bethania Hospital Director Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1987 1988
    High Plains Imaging Services Chief of Radiology 1988 1992
    Cornerstone Radiology Staff Radiologist 1992 1997
    Radiology Associates of Wichita Falls PA Staff Radiologist 1997 2001
    Brooke Army Medical Center Army Radiology Residency Program Director 2001 2006
    Five Star Imaging Radiologist/ Teleradiologist 2006 present
  • Redd, RA. Ultrasound- Imaging at Depth. Wichita Falls Medicine. 1995;10(6):25.

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    Redd, RA, Peters VJ, Emery SF, Branch HM, Rifkin MD. Sonographic Evaluation of Morton's Neuroma. Radiology 1989;171;415-417.

    Van Asche C, Starnes EC, Redd RA, Goldner F. Esophageal Ulcerations Resulting From Ingestion of Anti-Histimine Decongestant Rablets. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 1988.