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  • Educational Leadership & Technology

    Office Location
    Ferguson Hall 201A
    Voice: (940) 397-4138
    Fax: (940) 397-4694

    College of Education, West

    Office Location
    Ferguson Hall 201A
    Voice: (940) 397-4138
    Fax: (940) 397-4694

    Educational Leadership & Technology
    CAEP Coordinator

    Office Location
    Ferguson Hall 201A
    Voice: (940) 397-4138
    Fax: (940) 397-4694
  •   Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
    Details Fall 2016 5053 Introduction to Research Ferguson Hall 303

    Class Day/Date



    Class 1

    Aug 29th


    Course Requirements and Expectations

    Read p. 54, Chapter 2 and 7 from Huck prior to Class 2

    Class 2

    Sept 12th


    1.     Types of Data

    2.     Measures of Central Tendency

    3.     Descriptive Statistics

    4. Hypothesis Testing


    Read p. 1-6, 13-14, 17-28, 81-89, 63-68 & 71-77

    from handouts

    Assignment for Huck 2 & 7 due 9 AM Sept 19th

    Class 3

    Sept 19th


    1. Picking a research topic

    2. Finding information in the electronic library.

    3. Writing Reviews

    4. Guidelines for Writing a first draft

    5. Peer review/prof review


    Read p. 63-68 & 71-77

    Read p. 91-96, and 99-106


    Class 4

    Sept 26th

    2. Synthesizing Literature Prior to Writing

    3. Guidelines for developing a coherent essay

    4. Guidelines on Style, Mechanics and Language

    Read Chapter 4, 5 and 6 from Huck


    Class 5

    Oct 3rd

    No Class


    Class 6

    Oct 10th

    1. Reliability and Validity

    2. Foundations of Inferential Statistics

    3. Estimation

    Assignment for Huck 4, 5 and 6 due 9AM Oct 17th

    Read p. 43-53, 55-60

    Class 7

    Oct 17th

    No Class


    Class 8

    Oct 24th


    1. Analyzing Quantitative

    2. Analyzing Qualitative

    Read Chapters 3 and 9 from Huck




    Class 9

    Oct 31st


    1. Bivariate Correlation

    2. Statistical Inferences Concerning Bivariate Correlations


    Assignment for Huck 3 and 9 due 9AM Oct Nov 7th

    Read Chapters 10 11 and 12 from Huck


    Class 10

    Nov 7th

    1. Inferential Statistics Concerning One or Two Means

    2. Tests on Three or More Means Using a One Way ANOVA

    3. Post Hoc and Planned Comparison


    Assignment for Huck Ch. 10, 11 and 12 9AM  Nov 14th

    Read Chapter 17 and 18 from Huck


    Class 11

    Nov 14th

    1. Inferences on Percentages, Proportions, and Frequencies

    2. Statistical Tests on Ranks

    3. Bivariate, Multiple and Logistic Regression


    Read provided information on reading qualitative studies.

    Assignment for Huck Ch 17 and 18 due 9AM Nov 21st


    Class 12

    Nov 21st

    Qualitative Designs

    •Content Analysis

    •Time Series

    •Single Case


    Class 13

    Nov 28th

    Rough Draft of Paper due Nov 27th midnight



    Class 14

    Dec 5th

    Peer Review of Final Draft


    Class 15

    Dec 12th

    Papers due May 9th 9:00 AM



  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    Midwestern State University Master of Education
    Midwestern State University Bachelor of Science
    Texas A&M University PhD Dec 15 2003 12:00AM
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    University of Arkansas Assistant Professor 2004-07-01 2006-05-15

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