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Dr. Kristen Garrison

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  • Academic Affairs
    Associate Vice President

    Office Location
    Hardin Administration Bldg 112
    Voice: (940) 397-6305
    Fax: (940) 397-4931
  •   Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
    Details Fall 2019 1143 L10 Academic Research & Writing Bea Wood Hall 210
    Details Fall 2018 1143 L10 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 205

    MWF 10:00am - 10:50am

    Details Spring 2018 1143 204 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 205

    MWF 10-1050

    Details Fall 2017 1143 L15 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 202

    MWF 11-1150

    Details Spring 2017 1143 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 202

    TR 2-320

    Details Fall 2016 1143 L10 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 209

    MWF 1:00-1:50

    Details Summer I 2016 1143 302 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 201
    Details Summer I 2016 1143 301 Academic Research and Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall 201
    Details Spring 2016 4553/5553 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism: Unruly Women Prothro-Yeager Hall 202

    MW 12:00-1:20

    Details Spring 2016 1113 Rhetoric and Composition Bea Wood Hall 117

    TR 111-1220

    Details Fall 2015 4013/5013 180 Introduction to Composition Studies Prothro-Yeager Hall 205

    TR 4-520

    Details Fall 2015 1123 Rhetoric and Composition II Prothro-Yeager Hall 205

    MWF 11:00-11:50

    Details Fall 2015 1113 Rhetoric and Composition Dillard College of Business Administration 345

    TR 1230-150

    Details Spring 2015 1123 Rhetoric and Composition II Prothro-Yeager Hall 202

    MWF 10:00-10:50

    Details Spring 2015 1113 Rhetoric and Composition Prothro-Yeager Hall 205

    TR 930-1050

    Details Spring 2015 1113 Rhetoric and Composition Bea Wood Hall 210

    TR 11-1220

  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    Texas Woman's University Ph.D. Rhetoric Dec 19 2009 12:00AM
    University of Kansas B.A. English May 15 1993 12:00AM
    University of Kansas M.A. English May 16 1998 12:00AM
    University of Kansas M.S. Education May 19 2001 12:00AM
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    University of Kansas Adjunct, English 1998-08-14 2002-07-26
    University of Kansas Writing Consultant, University Writing Center 1999-01-15 2000-06-30
    University of Kansas Assistant Director, University Writing Center 2000-07-01 2002-07-26
    Midwestern State University Adjunct, English 2003-01-15 2009-07-31
    Midwestern State University Writing Proficiency Coordinator 2009-08-01 2010-08-31
    Midwestern State University Writing Program Administrator 2010-09-01
    Midwestern State University Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 2016-09-01
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications

     "’To Supply this Deficiency’: Margaret Fuller's Boston Conversations as Hybrid Rhetorical Practice." Rhetoric, History, and Women’s Oratorical Education: American Women Learn to Speak. Eds. David Gold and Catherine Hobbs. New York: Routledge, 2013.


    with Nicole Munday. "Toward Authentic Dialogue: The Origins of the Fishbowl Method and its Implications for Writing

    Center Work." Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. 9.1 (2012): 1-6.

    "Hard-boiled Rhetoric: The 'Fearless Speech' of Philip Marlowe." South Central Review 27.1-2 (2010): 105-22.

    "The Practical Wisdom of the 'Educated Man's Daughter': Feminist Rhetorical Theory and Woolf's Three Guineas." The Theme of Peace and War in Virginia Woolf's Writings: Essays on Her Political Philosophy. Ed. Jane Wood.  New York: Edwin Mellen, 2010.

    "Understanding Learning Disability as Cultural Construct."  Kansas English 93.1 (2009): 33-59.

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    with Emily Donnelli.  "Tapping Multiple Voices in Writing Center Assessment."  Academic Exchange Quarterly 7.3 (2003): 16-22.



    "The Stories We (Should) Tell: Microhistorical Accounts of Current-Traditional Rhetoric and Composing Communities." Rev. of David Gold's Rhetoric at the Margins: Revising the History of Writing Instruction in American Colleges, 1873-1947.  Review of Communication 9.4 (2009): 317-21.

    "Unruly Dialogue: Renaming Rhetorical Situations and Recreating Audiences."  Rev. of John Schilb's Rhetorical Refusals: Defying Audiences' Expectations.  Review of Communication 9.3 (2009): 228-31.

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    "Postmodern Composition Pedagogies: Understanding Revision as a Process of Delay." Rev. of Julie Jung's Revisionary Rhetoric, Feminist Pedagogy, and Multigenre Texts. Review of Communication 7.3 (2007): 291-3.



    "On Women Making Women's History: Interrogating Assumptions, Suspending Expectations." 2015 Feminisms and Rhetorics conference. Tempe, AZ, October 28-31.

    "Changing Our Terms of Engagement: Connecting Writing Center Assessment to Writing Center Values." 2015 South Central Writing Centers Association conference. Austin, TX, Feb. 12-14.

    “Teaching our Students How to “Think Together” With, Through, and Beyond Borders.” 2014 Rhetoric Society of America conference. San Antonio, TX, May 22-26.

    “Collaboration in Online Tutoring.” With Ashley Campana. 2014 South Central Writing Centers Association conference. Stillwater, OK, March 4-6.

    “Making Better Talkers: Dialogue Beyond the Writing Center.” 2012 International Writing Centers Association Conference. San Diego, CA, October 25-27.

    “The Face of Ability: Initiating Fair Trade between Writing Center Scholarship and Disability Studies.” 2011 International Writing Centers Association @ Cs Collaborative. Atlanta, GA, April 6.

    “The Connected Writing Subject: Bakhtin’s Answerability and Thirdspace Ethics.” 2011 Conference on College Composition and Communication.” Atlanta, GA, April 6-9. 

    "Dissent and Opportunity: Rhetorical Chronotopes in Margaret Fuller's Writings." 2010 Conference of the Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN, May 28-31.

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     "Making the Transition: A Service Learning Project for College-Bound Students with Learning Disabilities," Conference on Writing and Literature, University of Kansas. March 2001.

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     "Learning About Students with Learning Disabilities," National Writing Centers Association 5th annual Conference, Baltimore, MD. November 2000.