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Dr. Magaly Rincon-Zachary


Office Location
Bolin Hall 208
Office Hours

Voice: (940) 397-4254
Fax: (940) 397-4831

Undergraduate Research

Office Location
Clark Student Center 161
Voice: (940) 397-6275
Fax: (940) 397-7904
  Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Fall 2018 3064 101 Principles of Biology II Bolin Hall 213

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 am

Institution Degree Graduation Date
University Of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Ph.D Aug 28 1985 12:00AM
University Of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana M.S Jun 1 1982 12:00AM
Pedagogic of Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela. B.S. May 1 1977 12:00AM
Institution Position Start Date End Date
Dept. of Plant Biology, University of Illinois Research and Teaching Assistant 1981 1985
Dept. of Botany, North Carolina State University Postdoctoral Research Associate 1985 1988
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Plant Biology Division Postdoctoral Research Associate 1988 1992
Dept. of Biology, Midwestern State University Assistant Profesor Professor 1992 1998
Dept. of Biology, Midwestern State University Associate Professor 1998 2010
Midwestern State University Graduate Coordinator 1999 Jan 2013-09-01
Dept. of Biology, Midwestern State University Professor 2010 Present
Midwestern State University Director of Undergraduate Research 2013-09-01 Present


Refereed Journals

Lewis M, McDonald DB, Owen J, Rincón-Zachary M, Smith B (2012) We grow UGROW: A model for undergraduate research at a public liberal arts university. Online (

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Addendum (non-refereed)

Rincón-Zachary M  (2010) A possible mechanism and sequence of events that lead to the Al3+-induced [Ca2+]cyt transients and inhibition of root growth. Plant Signaling & Behavior 5: 881-884

Laboratory Manual

Cook WB and Rincón-Zachary M (2005) The Green Kingdom:  What is a Plant? Laboratory Exercises. 1st ed. Southlake, Texas: Fountainhead Press. 217 p.

Articles in Books

Rincón-Zachary M  (1999) What's new on aluminum-tolerance in plants. InRD Dixon, MJ Harrison, MJ Roossinck, eds, Tenth Anniversary Symposium Proceedings, October 7 - 10, 1998; Ardmore, Oklahoma, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. 1999, pp. 10-14

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