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Dr. Hillary Coenen

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  • English
    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Office Location
    Bea Wood Hall 203
    Voice: (940) 397-4058
  •   Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
    Details Spring 2020 WGST 2503 201 Intro to Women's and Gender Studies Prothro-Yeager Hall 201
    Details Spring 2020 4553 201 Rhetorical Theory & Criticism Dillard College of Business Administration 328
    Details Spring 2020 1143 201, 202, 204 Academic Research & Writing Prothro-Yeager Hall
    Details Fall 2019 WGST 2503 Intro to Women's and Gender Studies Prothro-Yeager Hall
    Details Fall 2019 1143 Academic Research & Writing
    Details 2113 Intermediate Composition & Grammar
  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    Angelo State University B.A. in English 2009-5-9 0:0:0
    Midwestern State University M.A. in English 2012-12-15 0:0:0
    Oklahoma State University Ph.D. in English - Composition & Rhetoric 2019-5-10 0:0:0
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    Midwestern State University - English Graduate Teaching Assistant - Tutor, Instructor 2009-Aug 2012-May
    Midwestern State University Honors Program Coordinator 2012-Jun 2013-Jun
    Oklahoma State University - English Graduate Teaching Assistant - Instructor, Tutor, Administrator, Researcher 2013-Aug 2019-May
    Oklahoma State University CEAT Summer Bridge Technical Writing Coordinator/Instructor 2013-Jun 2018-Aug
    Oklahoma State University Tutor/Interim Director - ASSA (Academic Services for Student Athletes) Writing Center 2014-Jan 2018-May
    Oklahoma State University Assistant Director - University Writing Center 2014-Jan 2019-May
    Oklahoma State University Assistant Director - Composition Program 2015-Jun 2017-May
    Midwestern State University Instructor - English, Women's and Gender Studies 2019-Jul Present
  • Articles and Chapters

    "Talking Justice: The Role of Antiracism in the Writing Center." Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. With Fehintola Folarin, Natasha Tinsley, and Lisa Wright. Spring 2019.

    "Scene Report: Creating the Conversation Workshops in Oklahoma City." Writing Networks for Social Justice.  Eds. Liz Lane and Don Unger. Independent, 2017.

    "Making Research Connections.” Inquiry, Research, and Argument at Oklahoma State University. Ed. Lynn Lewis. Fountainhead, 2016.

    Selected Conference Presentations

    “Personal Distance and Consent: The Violence of the Well-Intentioned Novice.” Conference on College Composition & Communication. Pittsburgh, PA, Mar. 2019.

    Presenter and Chair. “Stretching the Original Shape: How Writing Centers' Resistance Can Foster Inclusion.” With Sedalia Parker. South Central Writing Centers Association. Belton, TX, Feb. 2019.

    “Talking Justice: Tutor Training as a Vehicle to Antiracist Consciousness.” With Fehintola Folarin and Lisa Wright. National Conference on Peer-Tutoring of Writing. South Padre Island, TX, Nov. 2018.

    “Race and Responsibility in the Antiracist Workshop.” Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. Louisville, KY, Oct. 2019.

    “Transforming Patriarchal Academic Institutions through Feminist Research” Roundtable. Conference on College Composition & Communication. Kansas City, MO, Mar. 2018.

    “The (Dis)Orientation Guide: Queering the University through Public Pedagogy.” With Dr. Erin Dyke. International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference. Oklahoma City, OK, Sept. 2017.

    “HeForWhom? Identification and Transnational Feminism in Women’s Rights Advocacy.” Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference. Dayton, OH, Oct. 2017.

    “The One Girl (R)Evolution: Malala Yousafzai’s Multicultural Girl Power Rhetoric.” Rhetoric Society of America Conference. Atlanta, GA, May 2016.

    “A Paci-feminist Ethic: Woolf’s & Yousafzai’s Rhetorical Responses to Tyranny.” Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference. Arizona State University, Oct. 2015.

    “Terms of Engagement: Mapping Methods of Feminist Historiography.” With Rachel Chapman. Computers & Writing. University of Wisconsin-Stout, May 2015.

    “Be Our Guest: A Hospitable Approach to Facing Class in the Writing Center.” With Ashley Campana (Hurst). International Writing Center Association Collaborative @ Cs. St. Louis, MO, Mar. 2012.