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Dr. Kyung Lee Gagum

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  • World Languages & Cultures
    Assistant Professor

    Office Location
    Bea Wood Hall 110
    Voice: (940) 397-4857
  •   Semester Course # Section Course Name Location Days / Times
    Details Fall 2019 2133 101 Intermediate German Prothro-Yeager Hall 203
    Details Fall 2019 1134 101 Elementary German Prothro-Yeager Hall 204
    Details Fall 2019 1134 102 Elementary German Dillard College of Business Administration 336
  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    University of Arizona Ph.D., Transcultural German Studies 2017-5-12 0:0:0
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    UNC-Chapel Hill Teaching Assistant Professor of German 2017-July 2019-June
  • “Coming Out and Coming Home.” In Transgender Studies Quarterly 4:2 (Special Issue: The Issue of Blackness). First appeared as “Coming-Out und Coming Home,” in Camilla Ridha et al., eds. 2016. Spiegelblicke: Perspektiven Schwarzer Bewegung in Deutschland (Looks in the Mirror: Perspectives of the Black Movement in Germany). Berlin: Orlanda Verlag. Translation of Tsepo Bollwinkel, from the German, 2017.

    “Goethe’s Faust in a South Korean Manhwa The Tarot Café: Sang-Sun Park’s Critical Project,” in Germany and Korea, ed. Lee Roberts and Joanne Miyang Cho, Chapter 14, Pages 303-320, Palgrave, 2017.