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Gary Diehm

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  • Athletic Training & Exercise Physiology
    Head Athletic Trainer, Instructor

    Office Location
    D.L. Ligon Coliseum 157
    Office Hours

    Voice: (940) 397-6236
    Fax: (940) 397-6878
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  • Institution Degree Graduation Date
    Eastern New Mexico University Master of Science Dec 19 1986 12:00AM
    Eastern New Mexico University Bachelors of Science May 10 1985 12:00AM
  • Institution Position Start Date End Date
    Wichita Falls High School Athletic Trainer/Teacher August 1987 June 1988
    East Central University OK Head Athletic Trainer/Instructor July 1988 July 1998
    Morehead State University Head Athletic Trainer/Instructor July 1998 June 2001
    Midwestern State University Head Athletic Trainer/Instructor July 2001 Current