University Profile Database

Counseling, Kinesiology & Special Education

Dr. Patricia Andersen

Associate Professor (Counseling)

Bonnie King Ph.D, NCC, LPC

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Michaelle Kitchen

Associate Professor (Counseling) / Chair

Dr. Stacia Miller

Associate Professor (Kinesiology)

Emily Rutherford

Assistant Professor (Special Education)

Dr. Edward Schultz

Associate Professor (Special Education)

Sandra Shawver

Assistant Professor (Kinesiology)

Tammy Stephens

Adjunct Faculty
  • Ferguson Hall

Tiffany A. Stewart Ph.D., LPC

Associate Professor (Counseling)

Mary Wines

Dyslexia Therapist Instructor
  • Dillard College of Business Administration 270
  • (940) 397-4855
  • (940) 397-4694

Dr. Julie Wood

Assistant Professor (Kinesiology)