Speech Communication

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Spring 2015
Fain Fine Arts Center
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Judy Jo Braddy (view Profile)

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Rules of the classroom and the Midwestern State University:

By enrolling at Midwestern State University a student assumes the responsibility for becoming familiar with and abiding by the general rules of conduct.  Please read the student code of conduct in the student handbook.

Do not be late to class.  Make sure you sign the attendance sheet upon entering the classroom. One comment: “Being to class on time is Not getting to class 5  or 10 seconds late or 20 minutes late and saying you are “sorry”.  If you are late please write down the time you came into the class.

** Two late entries are counted as one absent. ** If you leave early it is counted as one absent.

The door will be locked do not knock.  I am your Boss, CEO of your company and your professor and you will disappoint me by coming in late and unprepared.  I prepare the lesson for you and you give me back the same respect and hard work as I will give you.  

Only 5 Absences and I drop you with an F.  I always give you an e-mail saying you are getting close to the 5absences.  Please communicate with me.  Reasons for being absent:  “None“except for illness and I will need a Doctor’s note.   MWSU also gives you a “death in your immediate family” absent but not death of a friends or friend’s family member absent.    Remember, you have paid for the class, you are getting paid back by attending the class, all the wonderful things you will learn and the grade you receive from your Professor. 

In Classroom Rules and Regulations for Fundamentals of Speech:

     Follow direction and read the syllabus:  Listing readings, participatory projects, speeches, mid-term, semester tests and vacations.  Do not leave early for vacations or get back late.  Be responsible. If the class gets in the way of your activities or with your vacations, do not take this class. No, you may not take the final or midterm at any other time other than the listen time.   

  “Without the ability to communicate the language cannot be shared and without the ability to Listen, the language will not be successful” Sharon Rose Alumni of De Anza College.

Rules of J. Braddy, speech class

  1.  Upon entering the classroom, turn off your I-pod, or cell phone, you can do without these items. 
  2.  Sign in, pick up handouts and find a seat. You may talk quietly to the people around you.
  3.  Remove any hats or head gear.
  4.   No food or Drink in the classroom:  Water is the only liquid, please. 
  5.   Keep up with the readings. Your participation is valuable and necessary and is therefore a portion of your final grade. 
  6. Keep up with the news on T.V. and in the Wichita Falls Newspaper, why? Impromptu speeches. 
  7. At the beginning of class the Professor has announcements, and a lecture.  Please take out your note book, your book and take notes from the blackboard or from the lecture.
  8. Take Notes, get out a pencil or pen.  I will collect the notes before each test. To see if you have done the work.
  9. For the next month Impromptu speeches over New worthy Subjects. Be prepared by watching the news or reading the newspaper.  Not everyone talks each day but be prepared.
  10. The Chapters will be reviewed or we will have in classroom projects relating to the chapter which is called a participation grade.  There are many participatory grades taken in class.
  11. Group Projects:   When the professor places you in groups, for a group project or group discussion, go to the groups quickly.
  1. . If you are absent the day of the classroom project (participation grade) you will receive an F on that project.  There is no way to make up a participation grade.
  1.  When papers or any Extra Credit papers are assign, Please turn them in the following day of class.  They are usually (short) at least one typed written sheet and can relate to extra credit or the assignment we are studying.  Make sure they are typed.   Papers will be assigned to help you understand how to put together your speeches. Turn in these papers at the beginning of class.  Extra Credit papers are critiques of the venue.
  2.  Please Sign the papers correctly:  All first pages and first 3x5 cards must have this information. Small lettering or typing     Please follow instructions. Points will be taken off if you do not.

At the top left hand corner,

Full Name first and last name,

2nd line Class time,

3rd line J. Braddy/professor

4th line assignment or Title.

Leave two single spaces before you start your first paragraph.                                                                                                                                                           

Always write complete sentences with correct usage, grammar and mechanics.

  1.    Ask for help if you do not know how to do this.   In any paper you write for me, not for your English teachers, not for yourself.
  1. Know, in all cases, you must have an Introduction that catches my attention, (and does not start with “HI”. (And do not say you are sorry if you make a mistake, just keep going) At the end of your Introduction you have your Thesis and 3 ideas or reasons you will cover in the paper/speech.
  2.  The body of the paper that covers the Thesis and the three ideas, no longer than one sentence for each idea, with credible sources.
  3.  Use descriptive language in describing anything in a paper. Words such as “I love” or “I like” are not to be used, not descriptive enough and you are not a credible source.
  4. Know that you must use transitions in between (words that transition found on page: 230-231 from one paragraph to another) paragraphs.
  5. Know that in all cases you must have and Ending for your paper and your speech (which is not “that’s all I have” or “that’s all folks” or “I don’t have nothin’ more”)
  1.  Extra Credit:  The University and the City, of Wichita Falls offers many speeches, and theatre productions in which you may receive Extra Credit and often free (if the venue knows you are my student at MWSU, sometimes you can be an usher and get in free).   
  2.  Speeches:  You will be constructing an Introduction Speech, Several Impromptu or Adlib Speeches, A Group Speech, An Informative Speech, A Persuasive Speech, and Special Occasion.
  1. There are step –by- step instruction on how to do these speeches in the book and on handouts, follow the instructions to the letter.
  2. Failure to turn in the papers or written speeches will result in you not giving the speech and therefore an F.
  3.  If the papers or written speeches are not typed with double space, they will not be graded until it is typed No hand written speeches.
  4.  Make sure that all written and oral work employs correct diction, usage, grammar and mechanics.
  5.  Let someone review your typed paper before you turn it in and make sure someone else listens to your speech before you do the speech before the class.
  6. Remember this is a Presentation Class or a you are presenting yourself to a group of people.  This is not a read aloud your speech class and not a Reading Class. You get no grade if you read your speech.   The speeches you give must be.
  7.  No sheets of paper (your written speech) will be not taken to the podium with you. 
  8. You will practice and practice and you will know your speeches. 
  1.   Do not e-mail assignments to me.  If you must turn in a paper early please slide it under my office door.  Make sure it is signed correctly. 
  2.  Late Speeches: If a speaker does not give the speech on the assigned day and on the correct number, but the speaker has given the Professor a typed written speech that speech will be graded down one full grade and will be given a second chance as first speaker the next day of class.  If the speaker is absent with no Doctors note and has not given the written speech to the Professor or refuses to give the speech then it will receive an automatic grade of F.  When you are absent you must have a Dr. Notes the day you are returning and therefore you will be the first to give your speech the day you return.
  3. ** No late Doctor.  Note. **
  4.  If you are absent the day we pick numbers, for placement of speeches, then you will take the first number, #1?  Upon returning you will be the first speaker. Keep in touch with your professor.
  5. Grades will not be discussed during class.  Please make an appointment to speak to me in my office. 
  6.  Disruption or coarseness: Undesirable, inappropriate common words or slang, demeaning, racist, sexist language will not be tolerated during class. If you do not know that you are inappropriate then ask a friend to be honest with you about your speech habits.
  7. Have respect for others and their opinions and care.  If you disagree and feel that a speech is unacceptable to you. Do not yell or throw a fit, just breath, raise your hand and be acknowledged by the professor and state the problem and explain your side.
  8.  Dress for Success:  For your speeches only.  When I Critique: One of the many things I grade on Appearance.   For each speech, (except for the news reports and the Impromptu speakers) dress as if you are going for a job interview.  Please no! Shorts, no! Flip flops, no! Tank tops, No! T-shirts that have designs or heavy writing on them, no! Torn or jeans with holes and no! Dress or tops that are too revealing.  All of these are distracting to the audience and to you’re to be Boss. Dress to show off yourself, dress for success for a boss, CEO or even a Professor.
  9. ADA/Disabilities: Any student with documented physical, mental, or learning disability addressed by the American Disability Act must contact the professor in order to verify documentation and receive appropriate class instruction and participation that will be developed for the student.  ADA status must be renewed each semester.  All ADA information will be protected and discussions will remain confidential.     Very important get an advisor or helper, yes, you may type the lecture, yes, you may film the lecture, yes, you may tape the lecture and yes, you may have your helper come and take notes for you. 
  10. Family Education Right of Privacy Ace of 1979:  If you want to review your records it must be upon written request of the appropriate records.  Custodians, Parents and students may e-mail or phone me about information on assignment but I do not give out any personal or graded information to you by

E-mail or by phone only in person.   Make sure your parents read this part:   Please remember I have no idea who is on the e-mail or on the other end of the phone.  It is against the law to give out any information or to talk to parents or students over the phone.    This is for your protection.

  1. You are dismissed by the professor and not the clock
  2. The changing of Dates or due time for the speeches or project can be changed by the Professor with no notice. We might go through the speeches faster or slower so due dates might change for your papers and your speeches.





Final Exam

05/11/2015 10:30 to 12:30

Submission Format Policy

Note: You may not submit a paper for a grade in this class that already has been (or will be) submitted for a grade in another course, unless you obtain the explicit written permission of me and the other instructor involved in advance.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is the use of someone else's thoughts, words, ideas, or lines of argument in your own work without appropriate documentation (a parenthetical citation at the end and a listing in "Works Cited")-whether you use that material in a quote, paraphrase, or summary. It is a theft of intellectual property and will not be tolerated, whether intentional or not.

Student Honor Creed

As an MSU Student, I pledge not to lie, cheat, steal, or help anyone else do so."

As students at MSU, we recognize that any great society must be composed of empowered, responsible citizens. We also recognize universities play an important role in helping mold these responsible citizens. We believe students themselves play an important part in developing responsible citizenship by maintaining a community where integrity and honorable character are the norm, not the exception.

Thus, We, the Students of Midwestern State University, resolve to uphold the honor of the University by affirming our commitment to complete academic honesty. We resolve not only to be honest but also to hold our peers accountable for complete honesty in all university matters.

We consider it dishonest to ask for, give, or receive help in examinations or quizzes, to use any unauthorized material in examinations, or to present, as one's own, work or ideas which are not entirely one's own. We recognize that any instructor has the right to expect that all student work is honest, original work. We accept and acknowledge that responsibility for lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty fundamentally rests within each individual student.

We expect of ourselves academic integrity, personal professionalism, and ethical character. We appreciate steps taken by University officials to protect the honor of the University against any who would disgrace the MSU student body by violating the spirit of this creed.

Written and adopted by the 2002-2003 MSU Student Senate.

Students with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the Disability Support Services in Room 168 of the Clark Student Center, (940) 397-4140.

Safe Zones Statement

The professor considers this classroom to be a place where you will be treated with respect as a human being - regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, political beliefs, age, or ability. Additionally, diversity of thought is appreciated and encouraged, provided you can agree to disagree. It is the professor's expectation that ALL students consider the classroom a safe environment.

Contacting your Instructor

All instructors in the Department have voicemail in their offices and MWSU e-mail addresses. Make sure you add your instructor's phone number and e-mail address to both email and cell phone lists of contacts.

Writing Proficiency Requirement

All students seeking a Bachelor's degree from Midwestern State University must satisfy a writing proficiency requirement once they've 1) passed the 6 hours of Communication Core and and 2) earned 60 hours. You may meet this requirement by passing either the Writing Proficiency Exam or English 2113. Please keep in mind that, once you've earned over 90 hours, you lose the opportunity to take the $25 exam and have no option but to enroll in the three-credit hour course. If you have any questions about the exam, visit the Writing Proficiency Office website at, or call 397-4131.

Campus Carry

Senate Bill 11 passed by the 84th Texas Legislature allows licensed handgun holders to carry concealed handguns on campus, effective August 1, 2016. Areas excluded from concealed carry are appropriately marked, in accordance with state law. For more information regarding campus carry, please refer to the University’s webpage at

If you have questions or concerns, please contact MSU Chief of Police Patrick Coggins at