Value Crime

Value Statement

The members of the Midwestern State University Police Department adopt the following virtues and understand that these virtues are important to all department members and the community we serve. We believe these virtues are important to establish individual and organizational Ethics.


Integrity: The Midwestern State University Police Department is built upon a foundation of ethical and professional conduct.  We are committed to the highest level of moral principles and ethics.  All members of the department will adhere to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics which is a part of this manual.

: We will be truthful and trustworthy at all times.

: We are committed to equal application of the law to offenders and members of the public as well as the equal application of rules and regulations to all members of the department.


Courage: We are dedicated to meeting all challenges with the courage needed to accomplish our mission.


Compassion:  We understand our role as community caretakers, and temper our application of the law with compassion and empathy.


Crime Prevention is:

the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it.

Three things are needed for a crime to occur;

  • ability,
  • desire and
  • the opportunity.

Crime Prevention’s main goal is to reduce the opportunity through awareness and pro-actions.

The University police department is available to do safety and security presentation. Some of the topics include; personal safety, telephone harassment, stalking, and theft prevention.

If you are interested in a security or safety presentation please contact the police department at (940) 397-4239.