Online Orientation - Summer & Fall 2019

Who can complete orientation online?

All new undergraduate students are required to participate in orientation! Online Orientation presents information about programs, services, and resources available to you as a student at MSU Texas.

  • Students admitted for Summer I & Summer II terms
  • New Distance Education Students beginning at MSU Texas in Summer or Fall 2019 (students ONLY taking online courses)
  • New Transfer Students beginning at MSU Texas in Summer or Fall 2019 (students who have completed 18 transferable college level credit hours AFTER high school graduation)
  • International Students beginning at MSU Texas in Summer or Fall 2019

Contact your Academic Counselor here to make an advising appointment to create your schedule of classes!*

*Please note that if you have a TSI status of "not taken" or "partially exempt" you will not be allowed to register for classes until we have TSI scores or proof of a full TSI exemption. Therefore, students who are not exempt and have not attended another public Texas college, must schedule to take the TSI assessment in the required subject areas prior to registration. Additional information can be found at


Step 1: Required Orientation Modules

In order to complete your orientation requirement online, you must watch the required orientation modules.

Enrolling in Summer or Fall 2019 courses and meet the online orientation eligibility criteria above?

Online Orientation is NOW OPEN!

Required Module 1: Technology Tips & Library Resources - Duration: 9 minutes

Required Module 2: Registration to Graduation -Duration: 11 minutes

Required Module 3: Financial Aid & Business Office Overview -Duration: 25 minutes

Required Module 4: Student Services and Involvement at MSU Texas -Duration: 14 minutes 


TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Want to get it right the first time? Plan your time accordingly; the video system isn't great about frequent starting and stopping, so schedule enough time to watch the whole video from beginning to end. Use the right browser; if you don't have Adobe Flash and an up-to-date browser, you may want to use another device. Don't skip slides; each report about your viewing record will show if you skipped slides or sped through without listening to the audio.  

**Once you have completed ALL 4 of the required orientation modules, your orientation hold will be lifted. It can take up to 24 hours OR the next business day for your hold to be lifted. You will receive a confirmation email once your eligibility to complete online orientation has been verified.

Step 2: Important Academic Information

Below are links of interest and information which will be vital to your educational journey at MSU.  Please take the time to review each of these sites, or at least, bookmark this page so that you can refer to it later.

Additional Technology and Library Resources

Money Matters: Financial Aid, Payments & Billing

University Information