Moving to MSU Texas

As a part of the university’s updated branding strategy, MSU has started a project in 2017 to transition the domain name from to The timeline to transition our campus domain name will be one year, which will start March 15 of 2018. Throughout the transition process, several campus services will be affected. More information and details will be posted as we progress through this initiative. The transition period for this change will end in March of 2019. At that time may no longer be available. 

Unfortunately, we cannot just keep the domain and add a second domain. The Department of Commerce rules allow only one .edu name per institution and only allow 6 months (plus one 6-month extension) for our campus to use both domain addresses ( and at the same time. Unlike .com domain names, which companies can own an unlimited number, .edu domain names are restricted. An educational institution can only have one domain name.

How this change will impact you:
The one primary area that this change will impact you is regarding email. In the Fall of 2018, you will have two email addresses. One with and one Both will be active and you will receive emails that are addressed to either address in the same inbox. You will still have access to your previous emails. Once you receive your email address you will want to start checking and updating any external sites that you use. For example, if you use your for social media accounts, professional organizations, personal accounts (banking, insurance, etc.) they will need to be updated. You will have plenty of time to make these updates.

Checklist- Beginning Fall 2018
With MSU’s domain change from to, there is a multitude of areas where you may be impacted. Below are a few, but by no means is this an exhaustive list.

MSU Related

  • Begin letting email contacts know that messages sent to the address is not your official address and should be switched to
  • Review your voicemail message for references to
  • Update your signage (digital & printed)
  • Update your stationery (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, name tags) - Available August 1 at the MSU Print Shop
  • Check any other branding that uses (marketing materials)
  • Update any web content you are responsible for (websites, forms, research, surveys)
  • Update any course related content (syllabus, contact information)
  • Approved MSU TEXAS institutional marks are available in the portal under the Marketing and Public Information page.
  • For help with software licensing issues/questions, contact the IT Help Desk at 397-4278.

Personal - Beginning Fall 2018
When updating non-MSU accounts, in some cases you may be able to update your records directly via a website. For others, you may have to contact these organizations directly.

  • Update where you have registered for a service (bank, insurance, frequent flyer, retail sites, utilities, etc.) using your mwsu address.
  • Change your Apple ID to the new email. Here's how:
  • Professional Organizations (membership, listservs, etc.)
  • Social Media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Create a New Email Signature - Beginning Fall 2018
You may want to create an email postscript that informs your email contacts of the change to

"Midwestern State University has changed its domain to Please update my email address in your contact information to

What should I keep in mind? (FAQs)
What will happen after March 2019?

  1. Information pointing to may no longer redirect to
  2. Email messages sent to a address may no longer be forwarded
  3. Many URLs are published in journals and other printed publications, however, the published URLs may no longer work

What does this mean for my research?
Many URLs are published in journals and other printed publications, the published URLs may be outdated after March 2019.

I know of schools that have two domain names; how did they get to keep multiple domain names?
The rule limiting educational institutions to only one domain name came into effect in 2001. Educational institutions with more than one domain name prior to that date were allowed to keep the additional name. Some schools, like Kansas State, opted to keep multiple names retaining both and Other schools, like Northwestern, opted to release their additional names, choosing to retain while relinquishing MSU will continue to petition Educause to maintain the domain.

Some of the Changes Coming
IT Services has been doing quite a bit of work in making the change from to Below you will find a list of many of the tasks that will need to be completed:

  • Email address with extensions created for each member of the MSU community
    • email domain configuration changes for new domain
    • replacement of and
    • email domain deprecation
  • Main MSU web pages converted
  • Department web pages converted
  • Student organization web pages converted
  • MSU provided listservs converted
  • Reconfiguration of all and hosted products for new domain
  • Reconfiguration of all hosted services for new domain name
  • Reconfiguration of Charter hosted reverse DNS domain for new domain name
  • Reconfiguration of MSU public DNS for the new domain name
  • Reconfiguration of internal split-DNS for the new domain name
  • Reconfiguration of Microsoft Office 365 tenant and all O365 licenses issued
  • Rebuild of Campus EAI hosted FIM for generation of student accounts and email addresses in the new domain and modification of existing student accounts to include the new domain.
  • Re-issue of all certificates for traffic encryption and inclusion of SAN
  • Re-issue DKIM certificate information and republish in DNS

Information Technologies will work the campus community to make this transition as smooth as possible.