4.125 President�s Office
Date Adopted/Most Recent Revision: 05/10/2013

A.      General

Midwestern State University recognizes the need for orderly management and retrieval of all official records and a documented records retention and destruction schedule congruent with all state and federal laws and related regulations. It is the policy of Midwestern State University to provide for efficient, economical, and effective controls over the creation, distribution, organization, maintenance, use, and disposition of all records of the university.  In the interest of cost-effective and efficient recordkeeping, the university has adopted a comprehensive system of integrated procedures for the management of records from their creation to their ultimate disposition, consistent with the requirements of State Records Management Laws and accepted records management practices.


B.       Records Management Officer

The Records Management Officer (RMO) is the person designated by the university president to administer the records management program.  The RMO will ensure management of the university records in accordance with the requirements of State Records Management Laws.


C.       Records Retention Schedule 

All official records (paper, microform, electronic, or any other media) will be retained for the minimum periods stated in the Midwestern State University Records Retention Schedule as approved by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the Texas State Auditor's Office in compliance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 441. Any destruction of official records of Midwestern State University will be in accordance with this certified schedule and any other laws and rules of the state.


         Reference: Texas Government Codes 441 and 552