3.223 Human Resources
Date Adopted: 8/8/97 - Most Recent Revision: 11/05/2010

A.       General

MSU staff employees are encouraged to pursue completion of both graduate and undergraduate degrees while at the university, and a Staff Employee Education Incentive Program is maintained to assist them in this regard. Under the program, employees may be reimbursed for up to the cost of tuition and fees.

B.       Program Administration

Guidelines for the program are as follows:

1.       All full-time staff members in retirement eligible positions are eligible to apply.

2.       Eligible staff employees may enroll in:

a.       A maximum of six (6) hours each fall and spring semesters

b.       A maximum of three (3) hours during each of the summer terms

Participation will be limited to not more than eighteen (18) credit hours per fiscal year. Courses taken during working hours will be limited to three (3) hours; and whenever possible, all courses will be taken at times other than during normal working hours.

3.       To be eligible, a person must be employed forty (40) hours per week at the beginning of the course and upon completion of the course.

4.       Only credit courses taken at MSU are included in the program.

5.       All employees will be required to provide compensatory time on the job for any time spent away from work due to participation in the program.

6.       Eligible staff employees wishing to participate in the incentive program shall complete and submit the Staff Educational Incentive Program Application form to the Human Resources Department by the date of the relevant semester's final day of registration.

7.       The Human Resources Department will coordinate the incentive program. In order to enroll, an employee must first obtain the approval of his or her immediate supervisor. The supervisor must consider the impact of the proposed program on the office workload if the program involves a course to be taken during the regular working hours. By signing the Staff Education Incentive Program Application form, the supervisor will inform the Director of Human Resources of his/her approval for the employee to enroll for course work in the incentive program. The immediate supervisor of any employee enrolled in a university course during on-duty time is responsible for documenting on the Employee Time Sheet and Leave Record that the time away from the job was made up.

8.       At the end of each semester, the financial incentive will be calculated in the following manner: At the end of the semester, by dividing the cost of resident tuition and fees as provided each semester by the Business Office (course fees not included) for each course taken by an employee and dividing by twelve (12) to determine the amount to be awarded for each grade point. The result will then be multiplied by the total number of grade points earned by the employee in that course to determine the amount of the award. In the event the total amount of money allocated for the Staff Educational Incentive Program is not sufficient to cover costs using this formula (and additional funds are not available), awards will be determined by calculating what percentage each employee would have received of the total and multiplying the actual amount of funds available by that percentage. In no case will the reimbursement exceed actual tuition and fee costs incurred for the course taken under the program.

9.       At the end of the semester, the Human Resources Department will verify each enrolled employee's grade(s) on hours passed (up to a maximum of six [6] semester hours) and will determine the amount of the reimbursement due to each individual.

10.    Checks will be disbursed to the employee after each semester, unless the employee has an outstanding balance with the university. In such case the funds will be credited to the employee's outstanding balance.

11.    Because of the necessity to make the necessary calculations and issue checks at the end of the semester, incomplete grades will not be subject to payment.


C.      Advisory/Appeal Committee

The MSU Fringe Benefits Committee will serve as the advisory/appeals committee regarding disputes and/or application denials.  All decisions of the committee shall be final unless the president of the university determines that the decision was rendered in violation of university policy.  The president�s decision is final.