3.212 Human Resources
Date Adopted/Most Recent Revision: 11/14/2008



A.       Authorization to Employ


1.    Vacancies of Budgeted Positions. Positions listed in the current fiscal year's budget are approved de facto for refilling unless official notice or cancellation has been issued by the President.


2.       New Staff Positions. New staff positions can be created only by written approval of the President with prior approval given by the Chairperson of the Board of Regents.


3.       New Staff Titles/Changes to Existing Titles.  The addition of new titles and changes to existing titles require approval of the President and ratification by the Board of Regents.


a.       In order to request approval for a new title or to change an existing position�s title, the appropriate request form must be submitted through the respective administrative head to the Director of Human Resources.  

b.       The director, dean, or other administrator submitting the request must provide justification of the need for the addition or revision of a title, including any significant changes in an existing position�s responsibilities or requirements.

c.        Except in unusual circumstances, a departmental reorganization should not be requested outside of the normal budget cycle process.


4.       Salaries. The salaries for replacement positions will be determined by wage and salary scales in effect at the time the vacancy occurs. (Refer to the MSU Classified Pay  and compensation policy (#3.226).


a.    Ordinarily, classified positions will be advertised and filled at the starting salary for the position as listed in the current classified pay plan; however, with prior approval of the President, such positions may be advertised with a range between the starting salary and the current budgeted salary for that position. If the advertised salary is approved with a range, the salary will be offered at a level commensurate with the applicant�s experience and qualifications.

b.    The starting salary for a classified position may not be higher than the advertised starting salary for that position without prior approval of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or appropriate Vice President, Director of Human Resources, and President.

c.     In the event a classified staff member accepts an offer of employment to fill an open position in another department in the same job title, job class code, and pay grade currently held by the member, then that staff member will receive the same salary rate as before the lateral transfer, depending upon availability of funds.


B.      Initiation of Employment Procedures


1.       Personnel Requisition. To initiate the hiring process a supervisor must first complete a Personnel Requisition Form (PRF) and send it through the director, dean, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or appropriate Vice President, budget office, Director of Human Resources, and the President for approval to fill the position.


2.       Advertising of Available Position


a.        When a vacant position is to be filled, it will be listed with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), the MSU website, and in such other places as deemed appropriate by the Human Resources Department in order to meet legal requirements and attract a diverse and qualified pool of applicants. Texas Government Code 656.024 requires that vacant positions be posted with the TWC for a minimum of ten (10) working days unless the Human Resources Department advises the TWC that the position has been filled.

b.        No opening shall be advertised to the public until a PRF has been completed and approved by the appropriate parties, and the opening has been posted with the TWC.

c.        The placement and payment of paid advertisements for open staff positions will be the responsibility of the hiring department.

d.        All job postings and advertisements must be approved by the Human Resources Department and will include, but not be limited to, the following:


i.            a summary description of the work to be performed and the essential functions of the position;

ii.           any educational, licensing, certification, testing, or skills requirements;

iii.         the minimum amount of previous experience desired, if any;

iv.         any physical requirements specific to the position;

v.           the application procedures;

vi.         a statement that MSU is an EEO/ADA compliance employer; and

vii.        notice if the position is designated as security sensitive and requires a background check.


3.       Internal Promotions - It is not required that a vacant position be posted with the TWC or advertised if it is to be filled by internal promotion. An internal promotion is the promotion of a current employee to a higher position reporting to the same immediate supervisor.


C.      Screening and Interviewing Applicants


1.       Applications for Available Positions. Applications are accepted only for available open positions.  Applicants for staff positions requiring a college degree may apply either through the TWC or the MSU Human Resources Department using the standardized State of Texas  Application Form which can be obtained from the TWC office, the TWC website, or the MSU Human Resources Department. Applicants for staff positions not requiring a college degree must apply through the TWC; however, current MSU employees, with the exception of those in student or temporary categories, are not required to apply through the TWC and may apply directly through the Human Resources Department.  All applications are received by the Human Resources Department where an initial screening is performed and applicant information is recorded for statistical purposes.  Applications, resumes, and cover letters, if any, are forwarded to the hiring supervisor or search committee for review.


2.       Skills Testing. Clerical skills testing will be done at the TWC under standardized testing procedures. To avoid violating federal guidelines regarding the testing of applicants, hiring departments should make no attempt to test applicants without prior approval from the Human Resources Department.


3.       Interviewing Applicants. After reviewing the applications, the supervisor or search committee will complete and submit the Staff Hiring Screening Matrix form to Human Resources, ranking the applicants� qualifications and indicating those applicants chosen for interview.  Preferably, no fewer than three applicants meeting the greatest number of requirements will be selected.  The Human Resources Department will review the hiring matrix and will contact the selected applicants to arrange personal interviews with the hiring supervisor or committee. To as great an extent as possible, interview questions should be the same for all applicants and must not include questions of a personal nature unrelated to the applicant's ability to meet the requirements of the position. Examples of such prohibited questions include those that relate to the applicant's marital or parental status, age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disability.  Interview questions should be submitted in advance to the Director of Human Resources for review and will be kept on file with the position requisition. Supervisors desiring assistance in preparing a list of appropriate questions should contact the Human Resources Department.


D.      Selection

The university acknowledges the fact that hiring decisions, by their very nature, must include subjective evaluations of an individual's qualifications for a specific position; however, to as great an extent as possible, supervisors must base their hiring decisions on measurable, quantifiable, and objective criteria and must NOT in any way base their decisions on an applicant's marital or parental status, age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disability. To assist supervisors in this regard, the Human Resources Department will provide an Applicant Evaluation Form to be completed on each applicant interviewed.


E.       Offers of Employment


1.       Notification of Selection. The hiring supervisor selects an applicant from among those interviewed for the position and notifies Human Resources of the selection by returning the Applicant Evaluation Form to the Human Resources Department and stating the agreed upon salary and starting date. At the conclusion of the selection process, all applications received for the position and all evaluation forms for candidates that were interviewed must be returned to the Human Resources Department by the hiring supervisor or search committee.


2.       Reference Checks. After a qualified applicant has been personally interviewed by a supervisor or committee and is selected for hire, the Human Resources Department will perform reference checks. Reference checks will be made only by the Human Resources Department or by the hiring supervisor or search committee, with prior approval of the Human Resources Department.  A background check will be conducted as required by Policy 3.349 if the position is designated as security sensitive.


3.       Selective Service Registration. The university is required by state law to verify that all new male employees have either registered with Selective Service or are exempt under federal law (Texas Government Code 651.005). The Human Resources Department will be responsible for providing such verification. Failure to register as required by law will be grounds for removal from university employment.


4.       Formal Offers of Employment.  Official offers of employment shall be made only by the Director of Human Resources or the Director's designee. The hiring supervisor or committee will immediately be informed of the applicant's acceptance or rejection of the offer to employ.  A conditional offer of employment may be made, contingent upon successful completion of a criminal background check if one is required. 


5.       Minority Employment Review. After the Human Resources Department has made an official offer of employment and that offer has been accepted by the applicant, the hiring supervisor will complete the Minority Employment Review Form and return it promptly to Human Resources which will review hiring actions to ensure EEO compliance.


6.       Employment Physical Examinations. All applicants who are hired into positions with specific physical strength requirements, such as custodians, groundskeepers, skilled craftsmen, power plant operators, etc., will be required to take a physical examination to verify their ability to perform the minimum qualifications for the job. Employees who are disqualified based on the physical exam will be advised of the physical problem and provided an opportunity to take another exam at their expense. If the disqualification cannot be corrected and if the job cannot be redesigned or a reasonable accommodation provided, or if the employment will result in a serious injury or physical problems to the employee or co-workers, he/she may be terminated.


7.       New Employees.  Within the first 30 days of employment, the Human Resources Department will contact new employees to ensure that each person hired attends new employee orientation, to include sexual harassment/discrimination awareness, ethics, and other required training, that all employment forms and benefits enrollments are properly completed, and that the new employee is placed on the university payroll (see MSU Policy 3.326).