Number Section
2.11 University Organization Chart
2.12President's Office--State Relationships
2.13President's Office--Enabling Action
2.21Board of Regents
2.22Board of Regents' By-Laws
2.23Board of Regents' Financial Authorization
2.24President's Office - Approval and Executionof Unversity Contracts
2.25Board of Regents' Ethics Policy
2.26Board of Regents - Institutional Compliance & Ethics Program
2.31President's Office-- Administration Selection Process
2.322President's Office--Purpose & Responsibilities
2.323President's Office--Office Functions and Responsibilities
2.324Athletics--Intercollegiate Athletics
2.325Athletics--Recruitment of Student Athletes by Institutional Representatives
2.326Athletics--Athlete Agents
2.332Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Purpose and Responsibilities
2.333Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Organization
2.334Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Appointment, Compensation & Evaluation of Deans
2.335President's Office--Hiring of Academic Administrators with or without Faculty Tenure
2.336Administration and Finance - Purpose and Responsibilites
2.337University Advancement and Public Affairs - Vice President for University Advancement and Public Affairs
2.339Vice President for Administration and Institutional Effectiveness - Organization
2.340 Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
2.38President's Office--Faculty-Staff Meetings
2.391Faculty Senate-Senate Purpose
2.392Faculty Senate-Senate Constitution
2.393Staff Senate-- Purpose and Constitution