Employing Foreign National Students

The process of employing foreign nationals involves Federal rules and regulations that if not carefully followed can result in severe penalties to the employee and employer. The United States immigration laws are very specific in regard to the employment of foreign nationals, and also very specific in terms of the penalties to be imposed for the violation of these laws. The International Services Office (ISO) is responsible for ensuring compliance with immigration regulations and acts as a clearing-house for foreign nationals employed at Midwestern State University.

Foreign National Students - On-campus Employment Requirements

All foreign nationals being considered for MSU student employment must process through the ISO prior to the employing authority's confirmation of an offer of employment. The ISO will verify the prospective employee's credentials (passport, visa, social security number, work authorization status, etc.) If not previously completed or if prior authorization has expired, the ISO will complete a work authorization and forward to the hiring department and Human Resources before the employee's first day of work.

Students must maintain a full course of study and have valid documentation in order to work on-campus.  With an approved exception request, student employees may work up to 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Full-time employment (21-29 hours per week) is allowed during vacation periods and summer for enrolled and continuing students. 

Employing a Foreign Student Before a Social Security Number is Obtained

The hiring department will complete the following steps for employment of a foreign student who is authorized to work on campus but who has not obtained a Social Security Number:

  • Contact ISO to inform them the student has been hired and prepare the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)
  • The student will FIRST meet with ISO to obtain the On-Campus Work Authorization and the Full-Time Enrollment Validation Form.
  • From ISO, the student must then go to the Human Resources Department within 3 days of the employment offer to complete the Form I-9 and E-Verify process. The student must bring the appropriate documents as proof of eligibility to work in the United States.  If using a Visa, the I-94 and Work Authorization letter must be provided.
  • Upon receipt of the On-Campus Work Authorization, Human Resources will prepare an Employment Verification Letter.
  • Once the student has both documents they will go to the Social Security office to apply for their Social Security number.
  • When the student receives the Social Security card, they must bring it to the Human Resources Department.
  • Human Resources will affix the number to all the documents and enter the student’s information into the Banner Information System.
  • Please inform the student that hours worked by the student prior to receipt of the Social Security number will be paid on the next available payroll cycle if time sheets have been submitted to payroll.