The health and well-being of our campus community is top priority at MSU Texas.  The University recently announced the continuation of remote learning through the Summer II semester.  Please see the University’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for additional information. 

Details regarding summer Housing availability are as follows: 

Summer I Housing

Housing will remain limited to those students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students with permanent residence outside of the United States unable to travel to that country;
  • Students enrolled in an academic program requiring a continuing academic activity (e.g. internship, practicum, student teaching, clinical work, etc.) necessitating that the student remain in Wichita Falls;
  • Students who are classified by Financial Aid status as independent;
  • Students who are part of the foster care system or who have aged out of the foster care system;
  • Students without a permanent address;
  • Returning/remaining at home represents a health or safety threat to the student.

Students requesting summer housing based on the criteria above may do so via the following Mustangs Link form.

Summer II Housing

Due to the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we feel a decision regarding Summer II housing is premature.  Although we remain optimistic about welcoming students back to campus housing for the Summer II session, the University continues to monitor local, state, and federal recommendations as we consider how to safely open on-campus housing.  As decisions are made, additional information will be provided. 

For those who have submitted requests for summer housing, your application will automatically advance to the Summer II session pending a final decision regarding housing.  Should your plans change, you may cancel your application through the Res Center portal.   

Summer Housing Rates & Accommodations

All students residing on campus for the summer will be assigned to an apartment in Sunwatcher Village or Sundance Court.

Unless graduating after completing the Summer I or Summer II session, summer residents are required to have a course schedule for the Fall 2020 semester.  Enrollment in summer courses is not a prerequisite to live in campus housing.

Summer I

Four bedroom:  $500

Two bedroom:  $600

Summer II

Four bedroom:  $500

Two bedroom:  $600


To apply, complete the SUMMER 2020 housing agreement located in your ResCenter Portal.