Web Time Entry for CWS Students

CWS students will submit bi-monthly timesheets via Web Time Entry instead of submitting cumbersome paper timesheets. For most MSU departments, Web Time Entry is not new and we are excited to bring this function to our CWS students as well!



  • The CWS student will enter his/her timesheet information into Banner Self Service; each CWS student must login to Banner Self Service then:
    1. “Enter Secure Area”
    2. then User ID and PIN
    3. then ‘Employee’
    4. then ‘Time Sheet’
    5. then ‘Access My Time Sheet’  - the student can now enter timesheet information.<
  • After the student enters his/her timesheet information, the designated person in the employing department must also login to Banner Self Service and complete steps 1-4. as above; then, step 5 select ‘Approve or Acknowledge Time’ to approve and submit the timesheet information to Payroll. 
  • Additionally, the FAO CWS Coordinator will access and review the ‘approved’ timesheet information to check for inconsistencies in student eligibility,  available fund amounts, etc....The FAO will contact the employing department in the event an inconsistency is identified.
  • The FAO will no longer collect or retain a copy of the paper timesheet in our office; the employing department may wish to retain the paper timesheets in the individual departments as documentation of time worked by the student.
  • Student and Hourly Timesheets are due by 5:00 P.M. on the designated deadline dates as indicated on the “Semi-Monthly Due and Pay Dates”.
  • CAUTION: timesheets NOT submitted by the designated deadline dates MUST be submitted on the paper timesheet and will be considered ‘retro’ time and paid in the subsequent payroll period; the employing department must submit a copy of this paper timesheet to the FAO CWS Coordinator to serve as documentation of time worked by the student. The FAO CWS Coordinator will ensure the paper timesheet is forwarded to the Payroll Office.


Please do not hesitate to contact Sara Connolly should you have any questions or require additional information.