We are excited to partner with Weatherford College-Wise County and are delighted you are joining our MSU family! We look forward to helping you achieve your academic dream.

In addition to applying for admission to MSU, we invite you to peruse our financial aid information  which is designed to help you complete the financial aid process at MSU. 

Also, if you will be CONCURRENTLY ENROLLED at MSU and WCWC, you must complete MSU’s Consortium Agreement in order to receive financial aid at MSU. Consortium agreements allow students to enroll in courses at another institution (also known as the 'Host' institution) that are transferrable to his/her degree program at MSU.  Consortium agreements allow a student to be registered at both institutions simultaneously while receiving financial aid at MSU based on the combined enrollment of both institutions. 

The Consortium Agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Student must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at MSU. 
  • Courses at WCWC must be transferrable to MSU and applicable to the student’s program of study at MSU.
  • After MSU financial aid (scholarships/grants/loans) has been disbursed and MSU expenses paid,  the student will receive a refund, if applicable, which the student can use to pay the balance owed for WCWC expenses.  Students are responsible to pay all tuition and fees at WCWC; MSU will not pay WCWC.
    • Payment arrangements may be made with WCWC pending the student’s receipt of the MSU refund; please contact WCWC Business Office at 817-598-6265 for more details.
    • Students are encouraged to complete ACH (AUTOMATED CLEARINGHOUSE) to have the MSU refund electronically deposited into the student’s bank account. Otherwise, the student may experience a delay if the MSU Business Office must mail a refund check to the student’s current mailing address.  
  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time (combined enrollment) to receive student loans; less-than-half-time enrollment will result in grants only, if eligible.
  • Pay special attention to the deadline dates for submitting the Consortium agreement.


Please do not hesitate to contact our office at financial-aid@msutexas.edu or call 940-397-4214 if we can be of any assistance.  THANK YOU for choosing MSU!