Financial Aid (grants and/or loans) is available to graduate students seeking a Master’s degree at MSU; also, students seeking Teacher Certification may apply for financial aid. Students must submit the FAFSA to receive grants and or loans at MSU. Grants are awarded on a first come- first serve basis so apply early in order to meet the Priority Deadline Dates; additional information is available at

Scholarships are also available – visit our Graduate School for additional information. And, the GRE Fee Reduction Waiver and GMAT Fee Waiver are available to graduate students who qualify.

Midwestern State University (MSU) students admitted to the University of North Texas’s (UNT) Buchholz Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership may be eligible for financial aid to assist with educational expenses while enrolled at MSU.  Contact UNT’s Special Programs Team for information regarding financial aid processes ( to inquire about the process.

 Post-baccalaureate ‘non-degree seeking’ students and students seeking a ‘certificate’ (such as Nursing Certificate, Principal Certification,  Educational Diagnostician, etc...) are NOT eligible to receive financial aid.

Please contact the MSU Financial Aid Office at or call 940:397-4214 should you require additional information regarding MSU’s financial aid programs.  Or you may wish to speak to the Graduate School Admissions Office at or call 940:397-4920.