Midwestern State University Faculty Senate

Thursday Jan. 14th, 2021; 3:00 pm

Zoom Meeting


            Approval of the minutes

            Approval of the agenda        

Current Business:

  1. Youth Protection Policy
  2. Honorific and Gift-Related Namings Policy
  3. Tenure and Promotion Review Committee - Update
  4. Review of Initiatives
    1. Faculty Workload
    2. Tenure and Promotion Review
    3. Office Hours
    4. Faculty Expectations
    5. Faculty Ombudsperson
    6. Electronic Forms/Paperwork Processing
    7. Course Evaluations
    8. College Teaching/Research Awards
    9. IT Support in Colleges
    10. Policy on Policies
    11. Shared Governance Policy
    12. Transition Appreciation

Committee and Other Reports:

  1. Administrative Council (Carlston):
  2. Board of Regents (Carlston):
  3. Academic Council (Lopez):
  4. Other active committees:
  5. Financial report (Stiles):

New Business:

Next Meetings:

The next Executive Committee meeting will be at 3 PM on Thursday, Feb. 4th, via Zoom.

 The next Faculty Senate meeting will be at 3 PM on Thursday, Feb. 11th, via Zoom.