Faculty Senate Minutes August 2019

The 2019-2020 MSU Faculty Senate met at 3 p.m. on Aug. 29, in the Wichita Falls Museum of Art.


Senators present:

Kim Acuña, Jennifer Anderson, Chuck Bultena, Dave Carlston, Jesse Carlucci, Randy Case, Sarah Cobb, Eduardo Colmenares, Laura Fidelie, Rodney Fisher, Catherine Gaharan, Terry Griffin, Nathan Jun, Tammy Kurzewski, Adam Lei, Marcos Lopez, Eric Lynch, Stacia Miller, Jonathon Quam, John Schulze, Beverly Stiles, Lynette Watts, Tyler Williams, Bradley Wilson

Guests: Mark McClendon (Director of Institutional Research and Assessment)


Call to order: 3 p.m.



Senators approved the agenda.


Current Business:

1. Committee Vote—Bradley Wilson

Senators voted by ballot and Parliamentarian Wilson collected the ballots. Results will be announced by email at a later date and ties, if any occur, will be broken.

2. IRB Policy—David Carlston

The Senate has been asked to advise on the revised IRB policy. The major changes from the previous policy are to remove specific training references and quotes from specific policies and legislation so that the policy is more robust and adaptable. The Senate will vote on the new policy at the September meeting.

3. Core Curriculum Assessment

Director of Institutional Research and Assessment Mark McClendon presented a revised plan for assessment of core courses. Under the revised system, each core course would report data on one objective per year on a rotating basis, with each core course reporting on each relevant objective at least once every four years.
Senator Stiles moved to accept the proposal and the motion passed.

4. Teaching Evaluations

Chair Carlston explained that in light of concerns about student course evaluations arising from the spring semester, Provost Johnston has proposed moving to an electronic system administered in the classroom with the hope that it would save time and let faculty get evaluation results before the beginning of the next semester.
Senators expressed concerns about course evaluation forms being distributed late and whether student evaluations are an effective way to evaluate teaching quality. Chair Carlston will pass on the concerns about late distribution and suggested that the committee which will convene to revise tenure and promotion guidelines could consider the appropriate use of student evaluations in that context.
Senator Wilson moved that an electronic course evaluation system be piloted this semester in classes taught by full professors and the motion passed.

5. Updates

Chair Carlston provided updates on a number of issues discussed by the Senate last semester:

  • As requested by the Faculty Senate last year, the requirement for office hours posted for student consultation has been reduced to five hours per week. Some departments on campus are still requiring faculty to post ten hours. Chair Carlston and the provost’s office are working to clarify expectations and formally revise the policy.
  • The new draft of the Workload Study conducted by Evergreen has been received and will be distributed to be discussed at the September meeting. Chair Carlston expressed that there are still concerns with the revised document. Provost Johnston intends to assemble a working group to analyze Evergreen’s recommendations and propose ways to apply them. Chair Carlston requested input about the composition of that working group.
  • The administration is supportive of the resolutions on faculty recognition passed last spring. Provost Johnston has asked the Senate to supply general recommendations for colleges to follow. President Shipley has asked that each college offer the same number of awards.
  • Provost Johnston and Vice President Dietz are working on migrating more paper forms to electronic forms.
  • The tenure and promotion policy is due for revision. A committee will likely be formed for this purpose in the spring semester.
  • • Tutoring and Academic Support Programs have consolidated all referrals into a single form.

Committee and Other Reports:

1. Administrative Council (Dr. Carlston): No report

2. Academic Council (Dr. Lopez): No report

3. Budget Oversight Committee (Dr. Stiles): No report

4. Other Active Committees No report

5. Financial Report (Dr. Anderson): No report


Old Business: None


New Business:

A senator expressed concern that the Registrar’s Office is slow to process paperwork. In response to Vice President Dietz’ remarks to the Board of Regents proposing that advising practices be reconsidered, a senator stated that at many institutions, students are advised to prioritize core requirements early in their education, allowing them time to choose a major carefully, and suggested that such an approach could be considered at MSU.

A senator expressed concern that small programs have trouble running upper-level courses due to minimum enrollment requirements and suggested that the ten-student minimum could be reconsidered.



Sarah Cobb, Faculty Senate Secretary

Dave Carlston, Faculty Senate Chair

Next Meetings:

  • The next Executive Committee meeting with be at 3 p.m. Sept. 5 in the Mass Communication Conference Room, Fain D227.
  • The next Faculty Senate meeting will be at 3 p.m. 12 in the Wichita Falls Museum of Art.



  1. 504/ADA Grievance Committee (need FOUR faculty members; three voting members and one alternate): Geoffrey Clegg (PHYSS), Melanie Billmeier (HSHS), Dennis Cavitt (WCOE), Kimberly Onstott (HSHS) (alternate)
  2. Academic Appeals Committee (need FOUR faculty members: two members and two alternates; Alternates: Following term as alternates, faculty alternates will move to committee member status.): Jeff Blacklock (WCOE), Claudia Montoya (PHYSS), Mandy Sedden (HSHS) (alternate), Dittika Gupta (WCOE) (alternate)
  3. Admissions Committee (need TWO faculty members): Mary Sue Owen (HSHS), Tiffany Ziegler (PHYSS)
  4. Artist Lecture Series Committee (need TWO faculty, one voting, one non-voting): Isaac Christiansen (PHYSS), Morgan Page (COFA) (non-voting)
  5. Budget Oversight Committee (need ONE faculty senator): Nathan Jun (PHYSS)
  6. Employee Health and Fitness Committee (need TWO faculty members): Carrie Taylor (WCOE), Erica Judie (HSHS)
  7. Enrollment Management Council (need ONE faculty members): Stacia Miller (WCOE)
  8. Faculty Forum Committee (need TWO faculty members): Sally Story (COFA), Fucheng Liang (George) (MSME)
  9. Financial Aid Appeals Committee (need THREE faculty members): Mandy Sedden (HSHS), Suheyl Gurbuz (PHYSS), Melissa Nivens (PHYSS)
  10. Intercollegiate Athletics Council (need ONE faculty member AND one faculty senator): Randy Case (HSHS), Sandy Shawver (WCOE)
  11. Pre-law Scholarship Committee (need ONE faculty member): Whitney Snow (PHYSS)
  12. Publications Board (need ONE faculty member): Sue Henson (PHYSS)
  13. Regents’ Professor Selection Committee (need ONE faculty senator): Lynette Watts (HSHS)
  14. Student Affairs Council (need ONE faculty senator): Terry Griffin (MSME)
  15. Student Allocations Committee (need ONE faculty member): Geoffrey Clegg (PHYSS)
  16. Traffic Appeals Committee (need Two faculty members): Kimberly Onstott (HSHS), Mandy Sedden (HSHS)
  17. University Celebration of Scholarship Committee (need one faculty member): Scott Frankowski (PYHSS)