Faculty Senate Minutes April 2020

Senators present:

Kym Acuña, Jennifer Anderson, Chuck Bultena, Dave Carlston, Sarah Cobb, Laura Fidelie, Rodney Fisher, Roberto Fuertes-Manjon, Catherine Gaharan, Terry Griffin, Attapol Kuanliang, Tammy Kurzewski, Adam Lei, Marcos Lopez, Matthew Luttrell, Stacia Miller, Jonathan Quam, John Schulze, Beverly Stiles, Lynette Watts, Bradley Wilson 


  • Ruby Garrett (Staff Senate Representative)

Call to order: 3 p.m.


The minutes and agenda were approved.



1. UPP 3-160: Expressive Activities on Campus (Dr. Lopez)

Continuing on the discussion of this policy at the March meeting, Dr. Lopez reminded the senate that this is a response to SB 18 and establishes rules for what the university can consider in decisions to permit expressive activities.
Senator Lopez moved to endorse the policy, removing the examples listed in 1(g). The motion passed.

2. UPP 3-450: Drug-free Schools and Communities (Dr. Lopez)
Senator Lopez moved to endorse the policy. The motion passed.


1. UPP 1-325 Policy on Policies and Shared Governance

Seantor Carlston stated that the development of these policies is continuing with the goal of presenting them at the May board meeting.

A senator stated faculty were not consulted on the possible Tech alliance and Coronavirus closure and that faculty are routinely not represented in important decisions.

2. UPP 3-450: Drug-free Schools and Communities (Dr. Lopez)

Senator Lopez moved to endorse the policy. The motion passed.

3. Senate COVID-19 Recommendations (Dr. Carlston)

Tenure and Promotion: Senator Carlston moved to recommend allowing those faculty affected by the COVID-19 closure to apply for tenure and promotion to associate professor in their fifth, sixth, or seventh year. The motion passed. Senators also discussed whether any changes should be made to the consideration of applications for promotion to professor, but no decision was reached. 

Teaching Evaluations for Spring 2020: Senator Bultena moved to recommend that evaluations be suspended for all classes not originally planned to be fully online. Senator Miller noted that campus closure has impacted intentionally online courses as well and proposed that evaluations should be suspended for all classes. The amended motion passed. 

4. Workflow Proposal: Softdocs (Dr. Carlston)

Carlston moves to endorse plan. We hope faculty will be involved early in the implementation process. Motion passes with no opposition.

5. Classic Learning Test (Dr. Carlston and Dr. Miller)

Miller: seems comparable to SAT and ACT Everyone seems to basically be okay with this. Carlston: motion to approve in principle an examination of the Classic Learning Test. Motion passes with no opposition.



Dr. Ranette Halverson addressed the senate by pre-recorded video about the faculty/staff campaign portion of the capital campaign. She stated that the faculty/staff campaign has reached 50% participation for this year and encouraged faculty to donate. She mentioned several specific programs assisting students during the pandemic: the Mustangs Pantry, the Canan Food Security Program, and the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. These programs have grants matching donations by first-time donors.



Administrative Council (Dr. Lopez): Dr. Lopez stated that the Academic Council had approved additions of some classes and that Fain College is preparing a new signature minor.

Academic Council (Dr. Lopez): No meeting

Board of Regents (Dr. Carlston): Dr. Carlston stated that the Board had voted to grant President Shipley broader authority to address the pandemic crisis. Several senators expressed concern that faculty have routinely not been consulted as significant decisions have been made during the semester.

Financial Report (Dr. Anderson): No report

Other Active Committees: The Board of Regents will hold a special meeting in April.



Sarah Cobb, Faculty Senate Secretary

Dave Carlston, Faculty Senate Chair


Next Meetings:

  • The next Executive Committee meeting with be at 3 p.m., Tuesday, May 5, 2020 virtually.
  • The next Faculty Senate meeting will be at 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, virtually.