Welcome to the Spring 2022 MSU Texas 
Celebration of Scholarship Hybrid 

CoS is an annual Spring event during which presentations by MSU Texas faculty, graduate, undergraduate students, and Fain Elementary are given to the MSU community and guest. 

Presentations include oral, poster, and Graduate Three-Minute-Thesis Competition IN PERSON and in Virtual venues. 


April 20- 1:00-5:00 pm: Faculty and Graduate Presentations

April 21: 9:00-am- 5:00 pm: Undergraduate and Fain Elementary Presentations

VIRTUAL: Click this link to access Symposium by ForagerOne

April 18 from 12:00 pm through April 21 at 12:00 pm

Each Virtual Presenter will have a Live Table Session during which the evaluators and attendees may ask questions. Here are the instructions to access the Live Table Session

Live Table Instructions: Presenters

Live Table Instructions: Evaluators

Live Table Instructions: General

 To leave comments and interact with presenters at Symposium by ForagerOne, please follow the instructions in the Program: You must have a valid  MSU Texas or WFISD email. All comments must remain on topic, and support positive and constructive dialogue. Aggressive and derogatory comments will be deleted and the user will be blocked from the Symposium site. Please be kind and considerate, and respectful. 

Extra Credit 

MSU Texas Faculty

We will be providing an engagement opportunity for your students at the upcoming Celebration of Scholarship. If you would like this engagement opportunity to be made available to your students, please click here to sign up for your class(es). This is due by Friday, April 15th.

MSU Texas Students

If your professor is offering extra credit, you may access the extra credit form at this link. You may fill out the form for extra credit starting when the virtual forum opens on April 18th at 12:00 pm through April 22nd at 12:00 am. 


More Helpful Links for creating your presentations:  

 To help you outline the narrative of your presentation:  eureca/_assets/celebration-of-scholarship/slide-narrative-template.docx

Poster Presentation Template eureca/_assets/celebration-of-scholarship/poster-template.pptx

Poster Template for Emerging Research Posters: 


Thank you for supporting research endeavors at MSU Texas and Fain Elementary.


Contact Information: 

The McAda Graduate School

Dr. Kathryn Zuckweiler, Dean, kathryn.zuckweiler@msutexas.edu, 940-397-4315
Emma Brown, Graduate Academic Counselor: emma.brown@msutexas.edu 

The Office of Undergraduate Research

Dr. Stacia Miller, Interim Director-UGR, stacia.miller@msutexas.edu, 940-397-6275
Julie Scales, Coordinator: julie.scales@msutexas.edu 940-397-6274
Amira Johnson, Student Assistant/Social Media: amira.johnson@msutexas.edu