League of Legends has been a fixture within the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) ecosystem for over a decade. Featuring dynamic champions with distinctive origin stories, there is a character for any type of player. Join with four other players to work together to topple the enemy team's nexus and win the game. But be warned, they won't go down without a fight! 

MSU Texas has an open division League of Legends team.

Open division titles receive access to coaching, logistical support, free personalized jersey, and paid entrance into competitive leagues as applicable. Students must try out to join the League of Legends team where they will be seeded based on skill, and squad fit.


The tryout format will be two days of in-person tryouts hosted within our Esports & Gaming Lounge. 

Players can expect to be shuffled into randomized arrangements of players to assess role competencies and team fit. Players are welcome to bring their own peripherals for optimum comfort and performance (though we have peripherals within the lounge for you to use if you prefer ours).

This will be an OPEN-LEVEL supported team competing in the Spring 2024 NACE Starleague Open Plus division.

Tryout Schedule

League of Legends tryout schedule
Day Date Time
One Tuesday, January 23 6 PM to 9 PM
Two Wednesday, January 24 6 PM to 9 PM

 If interested in trying out for this title, please complete this application for tryouts.