In order to offer online courses in a state other than Texas, Midwestern State University must first comply with the requirements of that state.  The requirements are different for each state and change often.  The pages linked below represent MSU’s current status per state.  However, there are frequent changes in the status of the states.  MSU’s membership in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) allows Midwestern to conduct limited activities* within the NC-SARA member states indicated below. Other agreements allow MSU to conduct 100% online learning activities to students in a few additional states. Please note there are a few states in which MSU cannot deliver specific online programs. Check a page linked below for a list of programs delivered to that state.

NC-SARA membership allows Midwestern State University to conduct limited activities in the indicated member states. Please see the SARA Policies and Standards document for details of specific authorized activities. Please note that MSU is not authorized to conduct internships or other activities leading to professional licensure without direct coordination with the licensure board in that state.

If you are a student out of state and have a question, please contact