COVID-19 Campus Update: Spring Break

Dear Campus Community,

As we continue to make necessary adjustments to plans for in-person operations in the environment of the pandemic, we asked for input from the campus community regarding the spring semester. Following that input, we have made the decision to eliminate Spring Break from the calendar for the Spring 2021 semester. We will begin on January 11 as planned and end on May 1. A short holiday break from April 1-4 remains on the calendar to provide some rest during the semester. We believe this action will minimize travel and movement of the campus population and aid in maintaining a safer campus environment.

The scheduled employee holiday for Friday, March 19, will be moved to Friday, April 2, to coincide with the student holiday break.

We express our appreciation to all MSU faculty, staff, and students for your efforts to safeguard our ability to maintain in-person instruction.

Suzanne Shipley