Returning to normal operations in Fall 2021

As we conclude the academic year, we want to provide you with updates and reminders regarding our adjusted approach to operations during the pandemic. As previously announced, summer I and II will continue in Phase III operations, with the goal to be fully in person to begin the fall semester. With that goal in mind, we are establishing Monday, August 9, as our target date to return to Phase IV (normal) operations

By this August, we expect the percentage of the U.S. population having acquired immunity to COVID-19 reaching levels that will result in minimal risk of disease spread. As was the case in this past academic year, we will continually monitor local, state, and federal data as well as CDC guidance regarding COVID-19 in order to make adjustments to operations as needed. Please monitor your emails closely and MSU Texas messaging throughout the summer. 

We know from the Return to Campus Task Force that some of these changes will require time. The fall class schedule has been set and planned. As recommended by the Return to Campus Task Force, specific implementation plans will be left to deans and department chairs working directly with faculty to make adjustments in a way that is least disruptive to students. With this approach we will be able maintain our Phase III readiness if a change is required and shift back to Phase IV when safe to do so.

With the return to Phase IV, face coverings will be optional while on campus. We encourage face coverings for anyone who feels more comfortable with continued use.

All COVID-related adjustments granted under previous pandemic guidance will expire with the end of Summer II (Thursday, August 5). Adjustments during Phase IV operations will be through the established ADA accommodation process. Please contact Disability Support Services for application procedures.

If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to consider taking a COVID-19 vaccination. The reduction of disease spread increases as more and more individuals are vaccinated, and disease reduction is the most critical factor in MSU’s return to Phase IV operations. 

James Johnston, Provost
Keith Lamb, Vice President for Student Affairs