COVID-19 Updated Guidance for Spring 2021

As we share with you this update on changes to the return-to-campus report first released in July, I want to thank the committee that deliberated about the needed adjustments and that guided our steps through this phase of the pandemic. I would like to take this opportunity to express my own hope for the coming weeks in our MSU community. First I want to thank the campus for your many efforts to bring our students through to the end of a successful fall semester. Each of you had a heavier load to carry because of the pandemic and I know not only our students and their families appreciate your diligence but also our board and our many supporters. To their thanks I add my own, alongside my personal pride in a job well done by the amazing faculty and staff at MSU Texas.

What lies ahead? We asked you to use caution in celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays and we have seen only a modest uptick in positive cases among our employees, with 11 positive results the second week of December compared with seven in the week before Thanksgiving. We will need to remain vigilant as we enjoy our modified holiday celebrations and throughout the break, knowing that the sacrifices we make this year will result in more time with our colleagues, friends and family in 2021. Speaking of 2021, we have received some initial news regarding the possible timing and use of the first vaccines available in Wichita Falls. As the first shipments begin to arrive mid to late December, they will be used for frontline healthcare workers. We will stay in contact with state and local health officials in order to keep the campus informed regarding the availability of vaccines for our campus population as the winter progresses. 

Thank you for your continued vigilance in maintaining a healthy working environment for all of us at MSU. I wish you all a restful winter break.

Suzanne Shipley