Why do we call alumni, parents, and friends?
We call alumni, parents, and friends because it is the closest thing to a personal visit. In addition, it is the single most effective way to reach the largest number of people in the shortest period of time, giving us a chance to bring alumni, parents, and friends up-to-date on events, news and achievements. Calling emphasizes the importance of the Annual Fund Campaign and their participation in it. Alumni, parents, and friends may designate their gifts to any established fund they choose.

Why do we need to raise money if MSU’s budget comes from the State of Texas?

Unfortunately, MSU is state assisted, not state supported. Only 19% of our operating budget comes from the State of Texas. Because the tuition students pay is only a fraction of the real cost of a year at MSU, we must turn to our alumni, parents, and friends. Those gifts to MSU provide direct support for scholarships, faculty and student programs, and the enhancement of academic programs.


MSU can only use large donations how could my gift make a difference?

Your belief in MSU shows by the simple fact that you’re contributing. This will keep our programs strong. Also, if you are an alum, the alumni participation rate is important because it is one of the measures used by U.S. News and World Report to rank institutions. By keeping MSU’s ranking up, you’re adding value to the MSU degree.


Is it safe to give credit card information over the phone to a Phonathon caller?

The reason we place gifts on credit cards is because it helps maximize your gift! By placing a gift on a credit card, it helps cut down on the administrative and processing costs of sending you a pledge packet that would include the envelope, the letter, return envelope, and postage both ways.

Yes, we completely understand your concerns about credit card security. Our callers write down your information and it is given directly to the Annual Fund staff where it is processed and your credit card is charged. Your credit card information is not stored or saved after it is processed so you will be asked for this information again every year.

If you are ever concerned about giving your credit card to someone claiming to be calling from the MSU Phonathon, there are a few things you can do to be safe:

  • Ask the caller for the phone number of the Annual Fund Office (940-397-4539) and ask to be scheduled for a call back in a few days. You may then call the Annual Fund Office Monday – Friday during the hours of 8:00 – 5:00 pm to confirm you were in fact called by the MSU Phonathon.
  • Ask the caller MSU specific information such as dates for Homecoming, special events on campus, or major campus buildings. 


I like to decide an amount after receiving a pledge letter in the mail why does the Phonathon need to know a specific amount over the phone?

MSU starts planning its budget for funding needs in advance. By agreeing to a specified minimum now, it helps us see where we are on our goal. You can always increase the amount you wish to give at a later date. Specifying an amount is also encouraging to our student callers as it confirms that you are serious about supporting MSU and allows them to see the progression on achieving our goals.


Why are Phonathon calls made during the evenings?
Our calling is restricted to calling residential as opposed to work place phone numbers. Most of these that we call tend to be home in the evenings. This also allows for our student callers to balance their job around their class schedule.


What should I say when a student calls me?

This is an excellent opportunity to get updates on what is happening at MSU, ask for news of your favorite professor,  or how the season is looking for your favorite sport all while making your annual gift to support student scholarships and departmental initiatives at MSU. The student callers are ready to share their stories and information.


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