Admissions Counselor: Lauren Vidmar


Admissions Counselor

Phone: (940) 397-4613

Recruitment Areas

Counties south of Dallas/Fort Worth down to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas

East Coast and Southern States

Quick Facts

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Alma Mater: The Ohio State University
Degree: B.S.B.A. in Human Resources Management

Hobbies: Music, cooking, baking, working out, and spending time with friends and family

Word or Phrase that Describes Me: Caring

Getting to know your Admissions Counselor

What is your favorite thing(s) about MSU?
I love the beautiful campus and how friendly and welcoming everyone is!

Favorite places to hang out in Wichita Falls?
Taking walks around Sikes Lake with my dogs or anywhere that I can be with family and friends.

What was the greatest lesson you learned in college?
Get involved!  Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.  You never know how putting yourself out there to experience new things and meet new people will impact on your college life and the years beyond!

What was your favorite class in college? Why?
Women in Film.  The class was about examining films (spanning from the 1930s to present) featuring female leads and the impact they had on society.  It was a great change to take a class outside of my major and learn more about something I love.  Plus I got to go to class and watch movies every week....who wouldn't love that?

What are you passionate about?
Connecting with students, learning about their interests, and introducing them to the world of higher education.

Who has had the greatest influence on your life?
My family.


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