Admissions Counselor: Devionte Lilly

Devionte Lilly

Admissions Counselor

Phone: (972)410-0126

Recruitment Areas

Collin, Cooke, Denton, and Grayson counties

Quick Facts

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Alma Mater: University of North Texas
Degree: Criminal Justice

Getting to know your Admissions Counselor

What is your favorite thing(s) about MSU?

The people and the campus. It is a smaller campus, but the scenery is amazing. The staff and students are kind which makes one feel like a part of the community.

Favorite place to hang out in Wichita Falls?

Any place that has great Mexican food or great pizza.

What was the greatest lesson that you learned in college?

Be patient. When studying you may not understand the course material all the time. Just be patient, keep studying and be proud of how hard you’re working. Also take time to just enjoy learning. Many courses you will take in college are fascinating. Get involved, meet new people and just have fun with education.

What was your favorite class in college? Why?

My favorite class in college was Sociology. Our professor was very involved and would come up with ideas of getting the class involved. We did flash mobs and many social experiments. She had a great way of making the course interesting and fun.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about education. I truly enjoy learning and understanding something new. There is so much knowledge out there and just being able to pick up a book and learn something new is amazing. Lastly, I am passionate about fitness. I enjoy my time at the gym or a nice early morning jog.

Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

My family has a great influence on my life. Having their support even through rough times has been awesome. They taught me to always find happiness even when life throws a storm at you. Just keep moving forward and surround yourself with great people. Eventually the storm will pass and your days will definitely be amazing.


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