Admissions Counselor: Adam Pitts

Ali Khalid

Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone: (817) 232-6070

Recruitment Areas

Tarrant & Parker counties

Quick Facts

Hometown: Laurens, SC
Alma Mater: Anderson University (South Carolina)
Degree: B.A. Art/Graphic Design, M.Ed. Higher Education
Hobbies: Spending time with family, discovering good eats, disc golf, outdoor sports, and line dancing
Word or Phrase that Describes Me: Team Player

Getting to know your Admissions Counselor

What is your favorite thing(s) about MSU?
Beautiful campus and Friendly atmosphere

Favorite places to hang out in Wichita Falls?
Lucy Park and all the great restaurants

What was the greatest lesson you learned in college?
I learned that I must manage my time well in order to accomplish assignments and excel in the classroom. It was also helpful to befriend professors early in the semester so that they could help with any struggles that might arise.

What was your favorite class in college? Why?
A Graphic Design course that I took with a professor who was currently working in the profession. I received great feedback and insight from my professor as I developed a logo for a business.

What are you passionate about?
Helping students and families navigate college admissions and the transition to college.

Who has had the greatest influence on your life?
My Grandfathers- They always showed a strong work ethic, wanted to do things the right way, and they displayed the importance of serving others.


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