First-year Seminars

MSU offers two courses designed to provide new students with focused and intensive academic support.

MWSU 1233: College Connections

This course assists new students in their transition to the college environment. The curriculum is designed to build academic knowledge and study skills for success in college, provide major and career exploration opportunities, and promote student engagement for an exceptional first year experience. Students can expect enriching discussions about relevant topics such as learning styles, test taking, physical, emotional and financial wellness, time management and more. 

 Limited to new students.

MWSU 1003: Skills for Success

This course examines learning and thinking processes with an emphasis on experiential application of effective reading, writing, and studying strategies. Areas of study include information processing theory, cognitive and behavioral influences in motivation and concentration, assessment of learning and thinking styles and development of an individual protocol for efficient and effective learning and review strategies.

Current textbook used in this course: Essential Study Skills, 8th Ed, Linda Wong

Please note that you will be referred to the Dean of Students if you haven't purchased your book by the 3rd day of classes. 

*Students who are in the First Year Probation Program are required to enroll in and successfully complete Skills for Success.  Read more about the First-year Probation Program, see page 88 here.