Fall 2021 Intramural Grants for Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors
  • Deadline for Application: November 3, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Grant funding period: December 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022
  • Application materials link: Fall 2021 Intramural Grants Share Point
  • Submission form link: Fall 2021 Intramural Grants Submission Web Form
    • NOTE: You must download and complete the application forms and templates to submit. To download the application forms, scroll down to the "Guidelines, Application Forms, and Templates" section near the bottom of this web page and use the links

To download the full guidelines and application materials, please visit the Fall 2021 Intramural Grants Share Point. To access, you must log in using your MSU credentials.

Proposal Draft Review

Proposal Draft Review

Deadline to request draft review: October 11, 2021

Review comments will be returned by: October 26, 2021

OSPR offers to review one complete proposal draft per PI for completeness and adherence to the program guidelines. Proposals must be emailed to sponsoredprograms@msutexas.edu in Word document format with the Excel budget sheet included as an additional attachment by October 11, 2021. OSPR will NOT edit proposals or evaluate the scientific/artistic merit of the project - this review will simply check for completeness and adherence to program requirements and intramural grant guidelines

Graduate Student Grants

Information about Graduate Student Grants

In some Fall 2021 Intramural Grant programs (see RFP for details), a graduate student research project can be attached to the faculty member’s grant, and an additional $750 can be requested for the student award. The graduate student should develop their grant proposal separately using the Graduate Student Research Grant application form. When requesting a graduate student grant, the PI should make clear the role played by the student in the proposed research. In addition, please remember that all graduate student grants must be expended within the same academic year in which it is awarded—not at the end of the fiscal year, as with faculty grants. For guidelines and application forms, please visit the Graduate Student Research Grant web page.