In order to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science students must complete the core class curriculum and fulfill the following requirements.

POLS1333 American Government 3  
POLS1433 American Government 3  
POLS2523 Foundations 3  
POLS3213 Research Methods 3 3
Choose one of the following: 3 3
POLS3313 Intro to Political Theory
POLS4153 Quantitative Methods
POLS4553 20th Century Pol Thought
Choose one of the following: 3 3
POLS3533 West European Politics
POLS3543 East European Politics
POLS3553 Central Eurasian Politics
POLS3563 Middle Eastern Politics
POLS3573 African Politics
POLS3583 Govt/Pol Latin America
POLS3593 Asian Politics
POLS4453 Political Protest & Revolutions
Choose one of the following: 3 3
POLS3653 International Relations
POLS4333 International Law
POLS4653 International Pol Econ
 POLS4773 International Conflict
POLS4853 Am Foreign Policy
POLS4933 Issues in World Politics
Choose one of the following: 3 3
POLS3933 Judicial Systems
POLS4133 Public Administration
POLS4173 Organizational Behaviour
POLS4233 American Con Law I
POLS4243 American Con Law II
POLS4953 Public Personnel Admin
Choose one of the following: 3 3
POLS3233 Political Parties
POLS3443 Municipal Government
POLS3843 Presidency
POLS4043 Legislation
POLS4163 American Federalism
POLS4443 Black Politics
3 Additional Advanced Hours:
(1) 3 3


Minor of Political Science

To complete a minor in political science students must complete a total of 21 hours in political science. These 21 hours must consist of POLS1333 American Government I, Pols1433 American Government II, POLS 2523 Foundations of Government and Politics, and an additional 12 hours of political science. Nine of these twelve hours must be comprised of advanced hours (see above for listing of advanced classes).