1. You must have access to the Internet and a valid e-mail account to complete this program.
  2. Apply to Midwestern State University online.
  3. Send official transcripts to the Midwestern State University Admissions Office.
    • Official transcripts are those which are sent directly from the issuing institution to our Admissions Office. They must be original and not copies.
    • Transcripts must be received from all institutions attended. Online instructions for ordering  transcripts is available so the proper information is received by our Admissions Office.
    • TSI-To determine if you have met   TSI criteria please read the information concerning this requirement carefully.
  4. Apply to the MSU BSRS Program online.
  5. BSRS Application
    Note:  If you plan to pursue a modality (Mammography, CT, or MRI) you must apply to the modality program located on our homepage.  There may be an affiliation agreement required for you to complete your clinical hours.

You will receive a confirmation that your application has been submitted. You will then receive a letter/email stating the status of your application and other information that you will need to complete before coursework begins.