Dr. Jeff Stambaugh

Dr. Jeff Stambaugh

While still a little boy, Jeff Stambaugh dreamed of graduating from the US Air Force Academy and becoming a fighter pilot.  Sometimes dreams do come true.  After graduating from the Academy, he initially flew the A-10 and then spent most of his career flying the F-16 fighter jet.  Even today, he’ll tell you that flying fighters and leading airmen is the best job in the world.  But flying fighters is for the young, so he retired from the Air Force after 24 years as a pilot.

Jeff looked for a second career where he thought he could make a difference, just as he thought he had made a difference in his first career.  He decided he could do that as a college professor teaching business strategy and entrepreneurship.  After earning his Ph.D. from Texas Tech, Stambaugh joined the MSU faculty in 2008.

Jeff passionately believes the topics he teaches can help people attain their career dreams.  Since arriving at MSU, he’s run the Lalani Entrepreneurship center and started the Dillard Energy center.  He currently serves as the Dean of the Dillard College, which he says means his job is to serve the other faculty and staff so they can give our students the very best education possible.

Jeff and his wife Jeree have two adult children.  They enjoy studying and talking with others about the Bible.  As for hobbies, Jeff still loves to fly and co-owns a small airplane.  He’s become a cyclist since moving to Wichita Falls, so if you see scrapes, bruises, or limping, you can bet he took yet another tumble off of a bike.

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