Dr. Jiaxi (Jesse) Luo

Jiaxi "Jesse" Luo, Ph.D.

Jesse Luo, PhD, is a professor of Management Information Systems at MSU Texas’ Dillard College of Business.  At a time when information systems touch every aspect of business, MIS requires that students understand an ever-changing technological landscape.  Dr. Luo loves talking about cutting edge hardware and software technology with his students.  While he enjoys teaching students to consider the implications that new technology might have on businesses, he also enjoys hearing the student’s perspectives on how technology will impact businesses in the future. He knows that students are very savvy when it comes to technology and loves discussing information systems with them.

Dr. Luo teaches Business Systems Analysis and Design, a class that delves into the IT system analysis and design process.  His students work in teams to analyze the information needs of a business (or a business division) and then, the teams work together to design a business information system for a company of their choice.  The specification of a business' information needs is a non-trivial and complex task and is hardly an exact science. Fortunately, several tools exist that can guide the modern systems analyst in this job.

Originally from China, Dr. Luo has lived in Wichita Falls for the last 5 years. He received is PH.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  His hobbies include photography, and traveling – a great combination. He has already been to all seven continents!

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