Norman Lewis

Mr. Norman Lewis

Norm Lewis fell into teaching by chance. While working at MSUTexas, there was a last minute need for an instructor to take on a section of General Economics., and he was asked if he would like to give it a try.  What he did not know was that is first course would be 111 students taught in one of the large lecture classrooms in the Bolin Science Hall!  He knew he had developed a good rapport with the students, when he walked into class one morning and 111 voices boomed “Norm!!!”, a catch phrase from a popular television show of the time called “Cheers!”.  And that was how the class started each day.

Norm has always been passionate about economics, especially the importance of having a good basic understanding of economics to good citizenship.  That has been a driving force to continue teaching throughout his various careers, which have included doing occupational and labor market research with the Texas Workforce Commission in Austin, an instructor and courseware developer for a software company in Austin, and currently as a regional economist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, primarily doing cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management projects, water supply studies, and ecosystem restoration projects.

In addition to teaching at MSUTexas, he has taught courses at Tulane University and Texas Christian University.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Master’s of Business Administration Degree, both from MSUTexas and a graduate certificate in Risk Assessment and Risk Management from the Notre Dame of Maryland University.

When not teaching or working, Norm enjoys gardening and genealogy.  He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Fort Worth.

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