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Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Dillard College of Business Administration at Midwestern State University. Prior to Joining MSU Texas, Dr. Lee received her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics from Texas Tech University, M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University, and B.C. in International Commerce from Soongsil University in South Korea.

Her volunteer experience during a short stay in Kenya gave her a chance to experience development in rural areas, and it totally moved her point of view to the demand side of people in need. This took a leap forward in her academic career through her research in rural economic development where she has mostly worked on telecommunications, particularly regarding broadband access and use among rural/low-income households.

As an educator and scholar, she is passionate to serve students by emphasizing the purpose of learning and connecting it with their self-improvement or lifelong personal goals. Rather than only asking them to be smart students and competitive, she hopes to help students understand that who they are as a person is as much important as (or far more important than!) what they do or how much they might earn. Through her teaching and service, she sincerely wants to be a source of support and encourage their growth as a student and as an individual.

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