Dr. Catherine Gaharan
Catherine Gaharan, Ph.D.

Dr. Catherine Gaharan joined the Dillard College of Business Administration at Midwestern State University the fall semester of 2009, as an associate professor of accounting. She also taught in universities in Louisiana for forty years and by now has taught most of the exciting, invigorating accounting courses in the curriculum. Catherine is from Louisiana and received her PhD in accounting from Louisiana State University (don’t hold that against her). She is also an inactive CPA.

She finds Dillard to be an enjoyable college, with good-natured, interesting students and an excellent, knowledgeable faculty. The diversity of students and faculty in Dillard is wonderful. It is pleasantly surprising that a small university in north Texas has the ability to attract such an array of faculty and students. As Dr. Yoshi Fukasawa would say there are people who have come here all the way from Oklahoma!

In fact, her only complaint is that the Midwestern schedule does not include a Mardi Gras holiday!

In addition to having fun during holidays, gardening is one of her great pleasures—when it is not too hot, not too buggy, and there are not too many weeds. The dog helpfully digs holes while the cats take their supervisory view through the window. Reading a good book is another enjoyable pastime, cuddled up with her two cats; the dog just snoozes.

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