Dr. Sanchari Choudhury

Sanchari Choudhury, Ph.D.

After completing her Master's in Economics in India, Dr. Choudhury decided to explore the subject further in the United States. So, she traveled from the other side of the globe all by herself to test her fate in a foreign country. She earned her Ph.D. in 2018 from Southern Methodist University and eventually joined MSU Texas in 2020. Dr. Choudhury has been teaching core economics courses at Dillard College since then. Her research has been published in academic journals like Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, European Journal of Political Economy, and Economics Letters.

Dr. Choudhury genuinely feels that economics is involved in every aspect of life: from the decision of buying a cup of coffee to buying a house, from voting for a student leader on campus to electing a national leader, and from money management to environment management. She loves opening students' eyes to concepts that show how economics is anywhere and everywhere.

Being the first member of her whole family — including friends and relatives — to leave their home country or pursue a Ph.D., Dr. Choudhury believes that anyone can achieve this. An ardent lover of nature, she finds bliss in bird watching, walking in the woods, or sitting by a lake in her spare time. (Actually, she would like to learn professional photography one day so she can capture every moment of nature in its full authenticity; in the meantime, she dabbles with her phone camera amateurishly.)

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